Performance Friction Brake Test

Below are excepts relating to a test of Performance Friction Brakes (amongst others), featured in the April 2007 edition of the  Mitsubishi Lancer Register ( quarterly magazine, reproduced with permission.

The test was carried out on a White Evo 9 GT at the Bruntingthorpe.

First impressions count, and PF have well and truly embraced this point. Full marks for the superb packaging, it not only protects the contents but looks first class too. I accept that these boxes will go straight to the bin in most cases, but it does demonstrate PF’s approach to the overall package. They are clearly pitching their kit as a premium product.

Premium without the premium cost that is when you consider the retail price of £704.89 incl Vat based on their .11 pad compound. As with the AP strap drive kit, it’s a significant saving over a big brake kit. We’re talking half the cost, so you have to take these options seriously.

Performance Friction is an American company with a European office based in Brackley, Northamptonshire. The American influence is evident; there is a genuine belief that they have the best product, and a real determination to prove that belief. The confidence stems from a kit designed to work together, a PF pad to work with a PF rotor. This compatibility is something that PF rely on to achieve the total performance they strive for. Out and out braking performance is all well and good, but if that results in unacceptable wear or failure of another component it can’t be hailed as a success. Continue reading Performance Friction Brake Test

Problems after fitting an LSD

We recently received an e-mail from a customer experiencing problems after installing a KAAZ LSD (DBW3010) on his BMW E30.

He says after installation he has “found some vibration when taking a slow turn on the right and left” and asked us what might be the cause of these vibrations.

We explained to the customer that sometimes because the LSD tightens everything up, it just highlights other problems which already existed on car, but were not affected by a relaxed open diff.  So the problem could be a worn bush, a bent arm or something.

We also highlighted a similar problem we have experienced where an Impreza pulled to one side after an LSD was fitted. It turned out that the car was twisted at the rear where the diff mounted onto the body of the car!  Yet it didn’t show up so bad when the OE open diff was fitted.

Had a similar experience? Share it with us.

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Mitsubishi Evo AYC rear differentials

Car manufacturers are constantly improving and refining their cars and the parts that make them up. There can be some benefits for owners to fit the later parts to their earlier cars. Or sometimes this happens, when the earlier part fails and the easily available replacement is a later part, which may even be a used one from a car that is broken up for parts.

The AYC rear diffs on Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions 4~9 are a classic example of this. These parts do fail and often people make the later parts fit their earlier cars. Which is fine, until you decide to modify or repair the newly fitted assembly – as you may not be ordering the correct parts to match the components now fitted to your car. Continue reading Mitsubishi Evo AYC rear differentials

Benefits of Strong and Lightweight Wheels

Good strong and lightweight wheels don’t come cheap, but they offer many benefits and advantages.

As we keep telling you all,

Lightweight wheels means less un-sprung weight, which provides…

  • More responsive steering
  • Improved vehicle balance
  • Better turn-in and directional control
  • Better damping/ traction
  • Better handling
  • Better ride quality
  • Even better mpg! (RAYS Wheels even have a big range of fitments for Hybrids now!)

Continue reading Benefits of Strong and Lightweight Wheels