Benefits of Strong and Lightweight Wheels

Good strong and lightweight wheels don’t come cheap, but they offer many benefits and advantages.

As we keep telling you all,

Lightweight wheels means less un-sprung weight, which provides…

  • More responsive steering
  • Improved vehicle balance
  • Better turn-in and directional control
  • Better damping/ traction
  • Better handling
  • Better ride quality
  • Even better mpg! (RAYS Wheels even have a big range of fitments for Hybrids now!)

Above all those benefits, because RAYS Wheels are stronger than other wheels, it means they’re also safer…

After all, I’m sure you’ve all seen the classic examples of lesser wheels failing in spectacular fashion.

Here are a couple of examples, if you know of others, please send them to us!

Broken Rim

Rota Wheels - Don't Run the Risk!

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