Evo Gear/LSD Oil Recommendations

Cusco  Gear Oil 80w-140We’re always getting asked which oils and how much to use in Evo’s.Our sister company X-treme UK, who are a high performance vehicle specialist based in the West Midlands, recommend the following:

Lubricant quantities as follows:

  • 5 and 6 speed gearboxes: approx 3 litres of oil (this feeds front diff. part of transfer box, as they are inter-connected)
  • Transfer box: approx 0.6 litres of oil (this oil is for the transfer gear CWP)
  • Rear diff: approx 1 litre of oil
  • AYC hydraulics and reservoir: approx 1.5 litres of oil

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Bedding In Performance Friction Brakes

The following procedure is for PFC (Performance Friction Corporation) Carbon Metallic pads and PFC discs.

Due to PFC’s race proven technology, unlike other manufacturer’s brake products, it is recommended that new discs be bedded with new pads (only applicable to PFC discs). This will ensure that two flat surfaces are bedded, thus providing the optimum braking solution.

During the bedding process the driver must not drag the brakes by applying continuous pedal effort with his left foot to induce heat into the braking system. This will cause heat build up too quickly and result in glazed pads.

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