Suzuki Swift road/track/competition project updates

We’ve been so busy developing various parts, that we’ve totally neglected to bring you up to date with our Suzuki Project cars – sorry! Our current aim is to develop 2 x initial cars, based on the ZC31S Swift Sport with M16A engine. A fast road car, and other a super-fast track car.

These cars will be developed over different stages of tuning, gradually perfecting them into super fast and well handling top performers.

Initial testing of the track car’s 1.9litre engine will be carried out at the Nurburgring by our good friends at Rent4Ring. They now have RHD and LHD cars on their fleet of 10 x cars.We anticipate around 200bhp from our big bore engine, which will be ideal for a special car they plan to give high speed taxi rides around the Nordschliefe ! (obviously it will also then need our special gearbox build with Cusco LSD, MTX uprated clutch/flywheel, AP big brakes and Cusco suspension parts!)

We figure they will be able to safely put on a lot more high speed mileage than we can in the UK, so it will quickly prove our engine developments. Watch this space for more news!

For the fast road version, we have developed an initial A-Z of modifications/additions:

  1. Carbon induction kit
  2. Big bore throttle body
  3. Cusco throttle controller (response speed adjuster for the fly by wire throttle)
  4. Stainless exhaust manifold and sports CAT
  5. Big bore exhaust, with single exit tail-pipe
  6. Re-map

Along with:

  1. AP Racing Brake Kit
  2. Rays 17×7.0 Touring Car wheels
  3. Toyo 205/40-17 PX4 tyres
  4. Strut braces, front and rear
  5. Lower chassis brace
  6. High pressure radiator cap
  7. Low temp. thermostat

Optional items:

  1. Limited Slip Diff.
  2. Lowered Driver’s seat mount
  3. Carbon rear bumper diffuser
  4. Rear wing extension
  5. Silicone Hoses
  6. Short shifter
  7. HKS spark plugs
  8. Magnecor Ignition Leads
  9. Alternative 5th gear, for motorway cruising
  10. Oil catch tank
  11. Digital gauge display
  12. EGR Wind Deflectors
  13. EGR Headlamp protectors

Whilst for the track/competition version we are currently working on:

  1. Forged pistons (Wiseco)
  2. Special connecting rods (K1 Technologies)
  3. ARP Fasteners
  4. Special headgaskets (Cometic)
  5. Camshafts (Kelford & Schrick)
  6. Special valves & valve gear – springs, etc. (Ferrea)
  7. Bigger, manual throttle body, to fit on OE inlet manifold (OE is 55mm, we have optional special 55mm and also 60mm single body throttles)
  8. Different Inlet manifold to take 4 x single throttle bodies (Jenvey)
  9. Different injectors
  10. Special exhaust manifolds/exhausts systems/Catalyzers, as required
  11. ECUs for manual throttle body and also fly by wire throttles
  12. 1.9 litre re-sleeve (78mm to 85mm bore with new liners and new pistons)
  13. Lightweight flywheels
  14. Special clutches – options suitable for road and competition
  15. AP brakes
  16. LSDs from Cusco
  17. Roll cages and braces from Cusco
  18. Turbo charger kit from HKS (ideally we’d like to use a VanDyne SuperTurbo, but they’re not available yet!)
  19. Air intake/filter kits
  20. Aluminium radiator (Mishimoto)
  21. Silicone hoses (radiator and intake – SFS)
  22. Engine and transmission oil coolers
  23. Transmissions/parts
  24. Cusco/Reiger/InTrax suspension

If any of the above is of interest, we can supply parts or complete builds. Just let us know your particular interest.

Anyone in the West Midlands wanting special parts is welcome to visit us. Also our sister Company, X-treme UK if they want any work doing on their cars.

We’re learning a lot about the Swifts, as quickly as we can. We are also considering parts for 1.5 and 1.3 models. Again let us know what your interests are. If there is something that needs developing, let us know.

We’re planning on working with the Swift Owners forum, so will keep everyone updated through our websites, that forum and general test by magazines.

We sell many Suzuki Swift Parts on our online PartBox shop, with free delivery in the UK on orders over £30 and within the EU on orders over £600 (terms and conditions apply).


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7 thoughts on “Suzuki Swift road/track/competition project updates”

  1. As Swift Sport owner from Greece I think it’s a perfect project! Lot of swift owners are interesting in a good quality full exhaust system-to be honest I’m interesting too-and of course an ECU re-map, which is not available so far from a known tuner in Europe. I wish you all the best for your projects.

  2. Hello

    I want a bridge exactly 5.73333
    with 15×86

    dog engagement gearkit
    44/17 40/21 38/27 33/31 31/35

    thank you send me an offer and a deadline

    D. Petignat

  3. We cannot find anyone who currently makes those precise gears at present. Cusco make alternatives, and also Monster/Tajime, but not those requested by you. Sorry.

  4. I am currently running a standard sport with greddy emanage ultimate and greddy airinx long arm intake, i will be purchasing a manifold soon. I am planning on building up a head with cams etc over the next year and i am unsure whether to go down the itb route or just one single larger throttle body. Could i have some information on the larger single throttle body you recommend. Thanks

  5. swift 1.3 gl carbon splitter ……. so many people who want them on forums would sell like hotcakes

  6. Thanks for this, the problem is to make a really good quality one in decent carbon would mean a retail price of £300+. We sell them at that price and more for Evos, but I’m not sure if many Swift owners will pay that sort of money.

  7. How much for the alternative 5th gear fitted? And i cant find the carbon rear diffuser on your website. If you ever need a guinea pig car, im your man 😉

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