Wheel refurbishment service now available

Have your wheels seen better days?

We can now offer a wheel refurbishment service for your kerbed, damaged or corroded rims.

The damage is repaired using various techniques then they are primer coated, painted, sprayed with a protective lacquer and then baked dry

All wheels are finished to the highest standard with a choice of colour.

Prices start from £62.50 + vat per wheel.

corroded alloy wheel - before
alloy wheel - after

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Our 1st Dyno graph+more new parts for Suzuki Swift Sport

Further to our recent report following our Swift Sport having a Unichip installed, here are the Dyno graphs, before and after:

We also have in stock the following new M16A Swift Sport parts:
1. MTX Uprated Clutch Kit

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HKS GTII 7460R Turbos give great results !

We’re receiving various excellent reports of great performance from engine tuners around Europe who are installing the new HKS GTII 7460R Turbo on EVOs. Here is such a report from our very good friends at JRM Racing in Sweden:

“Hi Gavin,

As I promised earlier, here is the dyno graph from the EVO 8 with 2,2 Litre stroker and HKS GTII 7460, just ran it in our dyno 1 hour ago, 479bhp/614Nm …

Possible to get more power and torque as we are only running 1,7 bar boost in bottom/midrange and 1,5 bar at high rpm but we will settle for this as customer wanted about 450bhp/550Nm …

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Very latest Swift project updates

Lots has been happening on our Swift projects during the last few weeks .

1. The ROAD CAR PROJECT (a 2009 Swift Sport, bought new from our local dealer, Autosales Bilston, thanks to the UK Govt’s scrappage scheme!)  –

a) now after 100’s of hours and £’000’s of Pounds spent, we reckon we’ve finally found the best and most cost effective ECU system for mapping Swifts (Sports and others) – the Unichip-Q. It is installed as a piggy back system, but can be live mapped. In the West Midlands, our local dealer and new partner for this project is Aldon Automotive (http://www.aldonauto.co.uk). Alan and his crew there, who had never installed the ECU on this latest shape Swift before, soon figured out the wiring requirements, and they installed the box and had it running on their rolling road in hours; sorted the maps and did some final changes during a road test.

This was a dream result for us, as together with Piper we have developed some great exhausts (centre pipe and back boxes), manifolds and link pipes (with Sports CAT or de-cat) and we have cams available from Schrick. However, to get the most out of these special parts and make sure the engines don’t run lean at certain rpm, the cars need a re-map. That is not a problem in itself, but knowing that most Swift owners are not millionaires, we desperately wanted a cost effective system, which is easy to install.

So far we have just set up the map with our Piper 2.0″ centre pipe and single exit back box, together with a replacement JR Performance panel Filter, in the standard air box. The resulting 136bhp at the flywheel, improved torque and good pick up on the road, is well pleasing.

We will now set up Unichip-Q maps for the  Swift Sport with that exhaust system, plus the manifold, with Sports CAT and also a selection of intake kits (GReddy, HKS and Monster). Beyond those set ups, we also have a couple of expensive Japanese exhausts and a manifold to compare. Of course, when we have found the ultimate exhaust and intake package, we’ll then add the cams! We’ll be targeting more than 175bhp from the 1.6 Sport with this full package !

Other models will follow – car owners to work with will be required.

b) With the upgraded performance of the above packages, we’ll all be needing some improved stopping power – so it is well timed to confirm that we now have the long awaited AP Racing 4 pot caliper/2 pc. discs kit. AP had to develop a new slim caliper for the Swift, which is what took the time, and that is also now used in the latest JCW Mini Cooper S AP Kit. There was a delay waiting for this kit to be developed and tested, then produced, but the look and performance are well worth the wait!

They are shown here in AP Racing’s workshop, along with the 17″ Rays G07WT wheels, as used on Jason Plato’s BTCC winning Chevrolet Cruze!

We’ll be checking the fitment clearance with standard rims (may need a spacer) and with 16″ wheels. Also we’ll look at making the kit fit on 4 x stud 1.5 cars (with different bells for the discs, or double drilled bells)

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