NEW Ford Focus RS Mk1 Torque Link Bushes

We have been working with Polybush to reproduce a set of Torque link bushes for our MK1 focus RS

Which we have been selling for years for Evo’s / Scooby’s for standard – Race and rally cars alike.

I have now tried and tested this parts and found them a great addition compared to other manufacturers bushes which I have also tried.

Bigger rear bush is 40AU…ducts_id=56642

Smaller front bush is 40av…ducts_id=56641

Or a KIT part number 40AU-40AV…ducts_id=56749

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CUSCO LSD Guide – all your questions answered

Have you heard your car could perform better with an LSD fitted or always fancied trying one ?

Even if your car has a torque sensing LSD (helical gear/torsen type) it is not sufficient during aggressive driving conditions; it is essential that any serious track user has a mechanical LSD installed in their car.

* Open Diff = Standard Factory Equipped Differential

Consequently we have found you a very useful guide to answer all your questions concerning LSDs including: Continue reading CUSCO LSD Guide – all your questions answered

New Release: RE30 ClubSport Wheels

The awaited high inset FF & 4WD wheels have recently been released and are now available for purchase at PartBox.

The RE30 CS model offers high insets (resulting in stronger round face), whilst clearing big caliper systems, and has been reduced by a maximum of 200 grams (by the center and inner rim portion).

It is “an overall update in technical advancements”.

Buy the RE30 Club Sport from Partbox

View the Promotional Flyer (PDF, 4.3MB)

Brake Pad Options / K-Sport Calipers

We often get asked for brake pads to suit a variety of brands of brake calipers. Many caliper manufacturers follow certain recognised patterns (generally AP Racing set the standard!), to make the choice of pads around the world easier for users.

Had just such an enquiry within the last few days for pads to fit K-Sport calipers. This was for 8 pot calipers, but I believe 6 pots use similar pad shapes. There are 2 or 3 pads that will fit the K-Sport calipers, and Performance Friction offer good material compounds, at reasonable prices.

The K-Sport calipers need the 17mm thick pads. 18mm pads are very tight and will only fit if the discs are worn.

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Swift Project Cars – Latest Developments

Swift Sport 1.9 Track Car

Our track car has it’s 85.0mm bore 1884cc engine built and now installed in the car, along with this with Schrick cams, Piper manifold and exhaust and Greddy e-manage piggy back ECU. We’re just waiting for the BRICO body shop to complete the installation of the rollcage, seats and harnesses, plus repairs to the body work/paint work, more news as soon as we get the car running and on the rolling road.

Swift Sport 1.6 Road Car

Our road car Sport has had a series of different manifolds fitted, since we installed it’s Dastek Unichip-Q Mappable ECU. The latest rolling figures from Aldon Automotive shown below. The most successful and final package is currently:

  • Greddy Trust Stainless manifold
  • Sports Cats & Centre pipe
  • HKS Duplex back box with slash-cut tails
  • Monster Carbon ducted air intake (similar results to HKS Racing Suction Kit, but with a more sophisticated look!)

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