How much better are 72 vane discs compared with 48 vane ?

A customer asked us recently about the different running temperatures of 72 vane discs. The customer was interested in the competition front brake kit for his new Evo X.  AP confirmed the APRacing race engineers generally see a 60/70°C drop in face temperatures when comparing the 48 vane and 72 vane versions, on for instance a sports prototype race car. But these cars use full brake ducting, which is not easy to implement on an Evo because the calipers are in the way, being leading mount.




Evo X AP Racing 48 vane competition kit plus similar kits for many other cars available at ::






There are also many choices of disc face types from AP Racing.

– P=Plain ( no grooves or holes ) mainly used for road cars where low noise is vital.


– G4, G8, G12 & G24 = Grooved ( straight forward facing ). The number specifies grooves per face. Traditional style groove.


– CG4, CG8, CG12 & CG24  = Curved grooves ( backwards facing ) The number specifies grooves per face. Standard pattern.


– CR4, CR8, CR12, & CR24 = Curved grooves ( backward facing running out on O/D to clear debris. only use on thick wall discs ). The number specifies grooves per face.




RD = Radius Drilled ( cross drilled but with radiused run out to reduce noise & improve life compared with standard cross drilling. Usually used on road applications.


D & SD  = Cross drilled ( Drilled holes chamfered ). Still prefered with some pad materials but can compromise disc life.


GD = Grooved and Drilled ( usually used on road applications )


PG = Partial Groove. Shorter length groove pattern.


RA = J-Hook Design. Gives improved bite and debris clearance and reduces distortion/vibration, outer grooves run out to O/D. Thick wall discs only


GA = J-Hook Design. Latest design gives improves bite and debris clearance and reduces distortion/vibration, outer grooves do not run out to O/D.


RC = J-Hook Design. As RA design but with 3 hooks across face. The design gives improved bite and debris clearance and reduces distortion / vibration. Thick wall discs only.


Deatschwerks fuel pump for a Mk1 Focus RS

Recieved some great feedback from a customer who has fitted a Deatschwerks universal fuel pump to his Mk1 Ford Focus RS.

” Over the past year the fueling of my car was all over the place and I couldnt get to the bottom of the problem. I was chatting with my Technician and he suggested that i should check the fuel tank for metallic swarf. So I removed the tank and took out the swirl pot and sure enough I did indeed discover some metallic swarf.

I contacted Paul Dolan with CoordSport and he sold me a Deatschwerks universal fuel pump which arrived very quickly to me in Northern Ireland the next day. The fuel pump is slightly bigger than the standard ford pump, so i set about modifying the housing with the help of Paul and Pete the Technician I have now achieved setup that works just as well as the OE does.”

Please note : the modification made was fitting a tee-piece and modify the shoulders of the pump and cut off where the fuel hose sits on top. The Tee-piece and the extra two brackcts are not supplied with the kit

“OE Blue top pump in swirl pot. ”







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Press Release Competisport

Luis Mota and Alex Ramos in Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV won the first gravel event of the National Open of Rallys in Portugal, by only 0.5sec for the second classified.
With this victory, Luis Mota raises to 3th place in championship standings and now is 10 points behind the 2nd place.
The Competisport driver said at the end of the event:

It was not an easy win. The rally was well disputed, with several leading changes but in the end we manage to take victory. The car was flawless, and I have to thank the team for the great work they did.

Young Competisport driver Andre Mota was not so lucky:
For us the rally was a disaster. On the opening super special stage we lose a lot of time with a electrical problem and we did the last stage time. On the next day we start to push hard to recover lost time, but unfortunately on stage 5 we cut a corner too much and we hit a rock on the inside. After that, the car was really hard to drive, and we lost even more time.
Even so, we manage to get the 3th place on National Junior Championship and 11th on the Peugeot 206 cup.

With this result, Andre Mota and David Sousa are 2nd in the National Junior Championship standings and 6th on the Peugeot 206 Cup

Problems with Mk2 Focus RS Washer Jet Covers ?

Many people are having problems with the headlight washer jets on the Mk2 Focus RS falling out of there place. This only seems to occur on early Focus RS’s (’09Plates). This is because the early Mk2 Focus RS’s headlight washer covers do not have the 3rd (Middle) hole either side of the extension for the retaining wire/brace to clip into. The later versions have the retainer, you can upgrade/replace yours, with the new spec. Parts available from us as below.

Right hand side Focus RS Mk2 Headlight washer jet covers are available to buy online at –

Left hand side Focus RS Mk2 Headlight Washer Jet covers are available to buy online at –

AP Racing Big Brake Kit for Honda S2000

Recent pictures of a satisfied owner’s Honda S2000 with the AP Racing Big Brake Kit and RAYS CE28N Wheels supplied by Co-ordSport:

1875 +50 Front (with 225/40R18 tyre)

1885 +47 Rear  (with 225/40R18 tyre)

Images are above.

Buy AP Racing Big Brake kit Online : Honda S2000 AP Racing Big Brake Kit

Buy RAYS CE28N Wheels Online : RAYS CE28N Wheels


Want to fit RAYS Wheels to your Nissan Navara ?

The Nissan Navara is a little different to many other 4WD’s – the wheel fitment is more like regular cars, with a PCD of 6 x 114.3mm and a hub center bore of 66.1mm.

Our RAYS dealer in France ‘ Urban Racing ‘ really wanted to fit RAYS wheels to his everyday driver – his Nissan Navara. The wheel he naturally wanted to use was from the RAYS range, the Gram Lights 57 JX6 – but that is only available in a PCD of 6×139.7mm, with a center bore of 112mm.

A Quick discussion with our friends at ‘ TT Tools ‘ meant they machined up some precision spacer/adapters and Urban’s owner, Philippe, was able to equip his Nissan Navara with RAYS wheels – Perhaps the first Navara in Europe, or even the world, with RAYS Gram Lights fitted ?

The above images show the car with the wheels fitted, the wheels and the adpater spacers.

Available in 16″ And 18″.

Available to Buy online : RAYS Gram Lights 57JX6 Alloy Wheels ( )

Also Available Here : RAYS 57JX6 Wheels ( Gram Lights ) ( )