Sabelt Race Seats and Steering Wheel have arrived for the Ignis Sport

More parts for the Suzuki Ignis Sport Project Race car have arrived

We now have full race bucket seats by Sabelt for the driver and one passenger ;

Driver Race Seat is a “Sabelt Taurus”
Passenger Seat is a “Sabelt GT30”



We also have a new Sabelt “DAKAR” steering wheel
380mm Diameter
1/2 Dished Steering wheel
65mm Depth (Fantastic Feel)
Suede Leather
Black Colour Spokes

Picture Below ;




These parts can be supplied by ourselves at Part-Box Online
Sabelt Taurus Race Seat available here :
Sabelt GT30 Bucket Seat available here :
Sabelt Dakar Steering Wheel available here :

More news to follow 🙂

New budget race project at Co-ordSport

Following on from our Suzuki Swift road and track-day projects, we decided to look at entering the 2012 Nippon Challenge and try our hand at racing. Being beginners and with only a small budget available, we decided to use a Suzuki Swift Ignis Sport. The 1.5 M15A engine is very similar to the SSS 1.6 M16A and the car should be quite light when we’ve finished building it.

After driving the Ignis Sport at the sprint, we were very impressed with the way it drove and it’s great fun, so we had to do more. Now it’s having a roll cage fitted at PP Cages – a bolt in 6 point escape dash, with door bars and harness bar, which will soon be available to order from Co-ordSport/Part-Box.
See pictures below, These show the car in pretty basic/standard formation at Blyton with no roll cage. Also shows the progress of the Roll cage fitment at PP Cages.

Whilst the cage is being installed, we’ll be rebuilding the gearbox and fitting a Cusco LSD. The engine will be re-linered out to 85mm, and fitted with Wiseco forged pistons, ACL Race bearings, Big Valve Head (SuperTech Nitrided valves and lightweight “shim under” followers). Those will be working with Kelford cams, and an MTX clutch and lightened flywheel, amongst many other special parts which are under development!)

More to follow!

Cusco releases Limited Slip Diff for new 6-speed Suzuki Swift Sport.

The new spec Swift Sport car was only launched by Suzuki in the UK last month, but Cusco in Japan has already designed and produced LSDs for the new MY2012 Suzuki Swift Sport, which has a new 6 speed gearbox.


Available in RS or MZ formats, under reference LSD-619-xxx, depending on spec. (1 or 1.5way, RS with coil-springs for pre-load or MZ with cone-spring plates for serious competition).


Retail price £888.73+VAT.

Cusc0 LSD Information : Read more about Cusco LSDs

Parts for the Suzuki Swift Sport : ** View all the Suzuki Swift Sport parts we have here **

Cusco’s 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport

Deatschwerks Fuel pump install issues

A dealer recently suffered some issues after fitting a DeatschWerks 300LPH pump to a Subaru Impreza. The dealer explained that it appeared that the pump had drained overnight, and the car wouldn’t start straight away, as it seemed the pump required priming (something he had not experienced with other pumps.

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Deatschwerks Injectors in Racing Aston Martin

Sales of Deatschwerks fuel pumps and injectors are growing at our Dutch sister company, Co-ordSport B.V.

They supply an experienced engine tuner “XLR8 Engineering”, who uses them in Nissan 350Z’s for the Dutch 350Z Challenge, Running E85 Fuel and now an Aston Martin V8 Vantage to be raced in the Dutch Supercar Challenge – 4.7 Litre V8, With Heads+Fuel system of the Jaguar XKR 4.2 V8 Engine.









Deatschwerks Fuel Pumps & Injectors available here

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We always appreciate customer comments, good or bad….

We aim to please whatever, and although we can’t always achieve everything that everyone wants, it’s great to get good and positive feedback. A Part-Box enquirer in Mexico was interested in some Rays wheels for his VW Golf. Biggest problem is the distance – freight is getting so expensive now, big things like wheels are expensive to send, so although we could do it, it ended up too expensive, despite those RAYS wheels looking great!

But what put a big smile on our faces was the gentleman’s response to our follow up:

Yes, someone from your company has contacted me on this regards.
I agree that the cost is really high and have confirmed that I will go for a different less complicated wheel.
I very much appreciate your company’s service and client support. I wish all vendors and service providers were as professional as you and the Co-ordSport team.
Best regards


That made our day, thank you !

We’re always happy to hear from our customers and potential customers/fellow enthusiasts, be it good or bad news. If it’s bad news we hope you’ll tell us first, and allow us the chance to put any issues right, if we can. If it’s good news, we really appreciate it and we hope you’ll tell us and others! 😀

Exports are booming at Co-ordSport

They say one man’s bad luck is another man’s fortune. Our currency is weak currently, which makes parts that Co-ordSport brings in from Japan are quite expensive. However, that just means that UK parts are cheaper for Japanese buyers – So Co-ordSport are busy shipping Mugen parts that are only available from Honda UK to Japanese enthusiasts.

Pictures below shows the latest batch of parts just about to be shipped out to Japan ;



If you want any shipping overseas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fasteners galore- in plastic, as well as metal!

Co-ordSport can offer a range of plastic fasteners, as often used by such as auto manufacturers to attach panels onto a car. Enclosed is a sample of such an item, the 8mm Push Lock Rivet, used frequently to attach bumper parts on Mitsubishi Evo cars.

Push Lock Rivets: available to fit mounting holes of 5mm to 11.5 mm dia. – a re-usable rivet product, providing secure panel fastening capabilities.  Wide range of both hole-size and panel range options. Designed to be inserted into a prepared hole and then have the male pin driven into the body of the fastener to provide closure. Removal is by simply releasing the head from the body, ready for the next insertion.




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HKS New Developments Announced at TAS 2012

HKS recently exhibited at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon in which they revealed many of the new products and concepts that will be released throughout 2012.

Nissan GT-R R35 GT1000 Concept

R35 GT-R Tuning is evolving from GT800 to GT800+ and in 2012, HKS will be presenting the GT1000 Racing Specification. This will include parts such as larger turbo kit, engine stroker kit, improved intercooler as well as a few other parts.

You can read detailed information on all the parts in the downloadable PDF file (1.57MB) Continue reading HKS New Developments Announced at TAS 2012