DW65C compact high pressure pump for the latest Subaru Imprezas and fitting it

The latest Subaru cars have a compact fuel pump and gauge assembly, meaning the regular up-rated pumps from DeatschWerks (DW200 and DW300) or such as Walbro are too big to easily fit into the OE housing. Those clever Deatsch brothers have come up with the ideal solution, a smaller compact version of their high capacity pump. It can deliver 265lph (litres per hour) and as you would expect is E85 compatible. Of course, it comes with the DW 3 year warranty.
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This is a good link to a DW65c install write up for a 2011 Subaru that one of DWs good customers in USA prepared for them. 

If you need bigger injectors to go with your up-rated DW65C pump, then DeatschWerks have a range of sizes available, again E85 compatible.

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Fuel Pump Specs

Full pump and injector list here 



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