Co-ordSport’s Budget Racer completes 1st Race

Well guys, as you may know I had my first race in the Ignis on Sunday 20th May
It was a battle to get the car ready but we got there in the end……after many late nights we were ready to back up the Superstars at Donnington.

The scrutineering was funny, was asked for the fog light and I had no idea…. we found it behind the roll cage, the scrutineer was taking the micky out of me for leaving the rear wiper on.
We hired a lap timer, another £30; got new tyres fitted and put them on the car….. which looked great!!!

We were called to the circuit and queued up ready to start our 15 minute qually, the circuit is just over 2 miles long, so we would only get 6 or 7 laps to get 3 qualifying laps in.
My first lap, on new slick tyres and a car I had never driven full chat before with its new set up …to say the least was a handful!!! getting the tail out at every corner it seemed ….too late for adjustment now so carried on, on the 3rd lap managed to spin the Ignis 2 full 360 turns, lucky to be pointing the correct way …set off again for my 3 timed lap which I managed after knowing now what to expect………

Back in the pits after 15 minutes qually, we checked the car and decided to soften the rear dampers and stiffen the front by 4 turns each.
The time did seem to drag after this, but we had fuelled up and double checked everything twice.
Our Ignis Sport was again lined up to have a single warm up lap and then ready to line up on the grid.
I had just stopped at the rear of the grid and the 5 red lights were up and out and we were off, I had an ok start and set off down the straight.
The first 2 laps were a little close, 3 abreast a couple of times, which even now is something you would be shocked at, wing mirror to wing mirror at 90mph going into corners!!!.
I lost a place and made it up again and managed to get past another and another, only because of altering the damping rate after qually …our 115hp Ignis was cornering great and had some great runs out of corners, made some stick but on the long straights our 1.5ltr Ignis was bait to all bigger powered cars.
In the end we came 13th out of the 18 cars in our class GT150, which made my day.
This put our Ignis higher up in the grid for the second race which was short lived after a manoeuvre to stop being hit by a broad sided Hyundai taking me out at the hairpin put me wide and on the grass … which worked until I was taken out by another Hyundai making it back on the circuit
So it was all over for both cars after the coming together and I watched the race from the marshalls post on the straight.
We limped the car back to paddock and we had some repair work to do …I was gutted …but loved the whole experience of it all……

Many thanks for the help from the guys who made it such a great day!!!…… know who you are……
See you all at the next round of the Nippon Challenge at Castle Combe on the 17th June….

by Paul Dolan

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