Ignis Sport at Castle Combe Showing Promise

After fixing the car from the last round at Castle Donington, we had the tracking and set up checked by EMC motorsport in Birmingham ready for 2 more races but this time at Castle Combe Circuit on Sunday 17th in the Nippon Challenge.

We arrived about 6.30pm on Saturday night and it was raining hard, we waited for a space to appear from the Lotus teams that had raced that day.


Sunday morning the sun was out, but still very damp, so we left the Federal road tyres on and qualified 20th on the grid. The track had now dried out, so we changed to semi-slicks. We had a great start in the first race, kept swapping places with an Mr2 and gained me some space, finishing in 16th with a good lap time of 1.26:129.Came 4th in my gt150 class which was great, I was very pleased and felt a lot happier with the set up and gained lots more confidence in our Part-box.com Ignis sport.

We fitted our new key fob spy camera to the dashboard; with just a mobile phone memory card we were able to gain some footage of race 2 before the 1 GB memory card was full.











In race 2 I did not get a good start on the outside lost a few places, but did o.k. had a great race with another MR2, which was holding me up.

Short clip Watch on YouTube

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENdC2KB6jro&feature=plcp’]

Tried very hard to overtake at every opportunity…. late braking and with greater corner speeds, to try and pass, but did not have the grunt to make the move stick. I finished 16th again overall and 6th in my class, so was very happy with my new found trust in this funky little car.

I will be at Silverstone Circuit in July so need some extra power for the straights, hope you enjoyed this write up has much as I did taking part.


Paul Dolan



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