Macmillan Coffee Morning

A big thank you for those that took the time to join us this morning as part of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in support of Macmillan Cancer support and care charity. So far, we have raised £73.10 for the charity which the company then topped up to £100.-

There were a range of cakes, tarts, pies, cookies and biscuits on offer that staff and friends of Co-ordSport kindly brought in… as well as a Scalextric set complete with a 911 Porsche and a GT-R R35, with everyone testing their skills on the track!

For more information on the event and charity, please visit the Macmillan website.

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Wacky Mick Goes to Drag Week

1 week. 4 tracks. 1,200 miles. 200 racers…

Co-ordSport customer and friend, Mick “Wacky” Wilkes arrived in the USA with “Bluebell” the HA Viva Van ready to compete in the Daily Driver class at Drag Week.

Participants in the 10 classes are required to travel with all tools, equipment and provisions on-board the vehicle. They will then drive their high performance vehicles over 1,000 miles while racing at multiple drag strips along the way. At the end of the trip, one competitor’s ride will be named Hot Rod’s Fastest Street Car in America.

After arriving safely and managing to get the car through US Customs, some roadside work was needed to get the car running.

The drive from Texas to Oklahoma went well, but an ignition fault caused problems on the first run. This was cured with a new coil pack. Second run was 12.08 sec but the exhaust manifold cracked, so was down on power.

Mick managed to get this welded at the track, eventually getting the van running at 8:30pm… Just in time for the 290 miles drive to Ennis, Texas, for the second day of the event.

Follow Mick on the Wacky Racers Custom Cars Facebook page and the Hot Rod website. Best of luck to you from the Co-ordSport team!

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Mick’s back and the boy did good!


Wacky Racers’ own Mick Wilkes from Dudley town in the “Black Country” took his Bedford HA van and he showed the Yanks the real spirit of Drag Week.


Watch the video summary here, it’s more than entertaining, it’s educational! Well done Mick.