SDCC Curborough Sprint / Practice 29.03.15.

As the season is fast approaching, the Shenstone & District Car club organised a practice/shake down event for all the guys competing in the Curborough Redline Oils Sprint Championship this year. Unfortunately, our Suzuki Swift Sport was not ready in time to make this event, but it will be out for the first race (26th April 2015).

Many entrants turned up on the day, and enjoyed the beautiful British weather, which was of course Rain, Wind and Intervals of Hale!

Many of the guys were having good fun keeping it on the black stuff, due to a lot of lying water on the track, so best times were never going to be achieved that day. The boys in the Escorts (R2 Class) appeared to be having a LOT of fun out there, keeping it real, and hanging the backend out on every corner of the circuit!


Standard Production Class is looking busy again this year, which is great to see, as its always so close and competitive! (Clio 182’s, Fiesta ST’s etc).

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The guys that seemed to be struggling to keep it down the most, were the Sports Libre class. They are such powerful big machines, on such a small wet circuit.
An awesome effort by all the guys, and we’re looking forward to getting involved with the Swift Sport this season!
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Pictures taken by Shaun Minton (Also competing this season in the Suzuki Swift Sport.)

Isuzu D-Max Towing / Overweight Problem – Pedders treatment IS needed!

At Co-ordSport we’re busy promoting the Pedders 4×4 suspension parts and started to target the Isuzu market – dealers and users. Some say there aren’t any problems with the standard vehicle, whilst some users know different!


Here’s an interesting case with Pedders UK currently.

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