Rays 57Transcend offer the perfect solution for the new Honda Civic Type-R Turbo

Rays 57Transcend offer the perfect solution for the new Honda Civic Type-R Turbo

When the new 2016 Honda Civic Type-R was launched, amongst several things, people were surprised by the car’s 5×120 pcd wheel fitment (as BMWs), along with it’s M14x1.5 wheel studs/nutsn and it’s hub centre of 64.1mm. This is a rare combination, so it was difficult to find wheels to suit the new car off the shelf!

As ever, Rays to the rescue, with a perfect solution – GramLight 57Transcend, originally designed for such as the BMW 1 series.

Either 19×9.0 ET50 or 19 x 8.5 ET35

Hub rings are needed = 72.6mm > 64.1mm

The hole for the wheel nut is quite narrow, at 25mm, so it will not allow a 19Hex nut/socket, and 17Hex is too small for M14, so our dealer in Sweden, JRM Racing AB used an internally driven lug nut (star drive, OD 20mm), supplied by Part-Box.co.uk.

Below is the car, looking fantastic, ready for it’s entry in this weekend’s Swedish Time Attack.

The wheels in the pictures are the 9×19 fitted with 255/30-19 tires.

Honda3 Honda2 Honda 1 Honda

Meanwhile, here is the car of a customer of our dealer in Switzerland, J-Spec.

Another beautiful example – again on Rays!

Type-R RAYS002 1     Type-R RAYS003 2

Our teams prepare for the new 2016 competition season



Part-Box sponsored Team Julle Racing, were recently in Holland, to see their new Rallycross Suzuki Swift engine testing.


It includes ARP Fasteners, Cometic/Victor Reinz gaskets/seals, King Race Bearings, Wiseco pistons, Kelford Cams, HKS Plugs and oil filter, plus Magnecor leads (all from Part-Box)  and HSM TOOL has made the new manifold which the team’s driver/engineer, Soren Pederesen, had drawn up for the new tuner and sponsor ZOMER RACE ENGINES, to their instructions.


The engine ran for 5 hours and everything went well, the new approach has given us 8 hp, but then 14 nm.

We hope to have the car ready for testing on the field soon after, and look forward to 1. DM on 22 April in Viborg.

IMG_2213 IMG_2199

Customer review/feedback re Tein Flex coilovers:

Customer review/feedback:


“I have just installed Tein Flex A coilovers in my Toyota GT86. I decided to go with this particular model following online research and advise from Wouter from Co-ord Sport B.V.

I had a budget of 1k and Flex A fitted perfectly within it. I have been running BC coilovers BR previously but they got completely seized and I couldn’t adjust the height of the car anymore. Due to this failure I wanted to try something different.

I ordered coilovers from Co-ord Sport. I bought other parts before from this company with a good customer experience and brilliant service.

The coilovers arrived very quickly and quality of the product is superb. They are made in Japan, which was a nice surprise and sign of a good quality. In the box I found set of front and rear coilover, stickers and wrenches to adjust the height. Coilovers are designed in the way that all the lines and sensors fit perfectly like in an OEM part. Instructions came in English, which was helpful as well.

I installed coilovers myself which actually was not that difficult. Apart of replacing brake pads I haven’t done anything major like that before. Following DIY instructions from the forums I managed to replace all of the coilovers within 3,5-4 hours with adjusting the height. Front coilovers come with adjustable topmounts and that helps with the set up of the suspension.

Following wheel alignment I went for the first ride with recommended stiffness settings. The drive was awesome, very comfortable especially when going through the speed bumps. We have millions of speed bumps in UK and I think these coilovers were designed with it in mind. I think adding HBS technology made them capable of taking any speed bump with a great comfort.

I found recommended stiffness settings too soft for my daily driving. I had to adjust them by 2 clicks to the harder site. I am not tracking the car however I believe this coilovers would work perfectly for track use especially with EDFC technology and in car adjustment of the settings.

I would definitely recommend this coilovers as they are good quality, good performance and reasonably priced.”

Thanks Igor R., we like your car.         1-Edited2-Edited3-Edited


Isuzu D-Max Towing / Overweight Problem – Pedders treatment IS needed!

At Co-ordSport we’re busy promoting the Pedders 4×4 suspension parts and started to target the Isuzu market – dealers and users. Some say there aren’t any problems with the standard vehicle, whilst some users know different!


Here’s an interesting case with Pedders UK currently.

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