Fitting Pedders Suspension

Earlier this week Pedders had a Subaru Forester for fitting, having a rear suspension conversion kit. This kit eliminates the troublesome and expensive original self-levelling set-up with a more conventional arrangement at a much reduced cost.

Pedders Suspension Subaru Forester

Following installation Pedders also carried out a full 4 wheel alignment using their Hunter Wheel Alignment Equipment.

Pedders Suspension Subaru Forester

Do you have a Subaru Forester with failed or failing rear suspension? Regardless of age, we will have a solution for you. Further details here:

The week before, for a Pedders lift kit was this Nissan X-trail. Fitted in the workshop this gave a lift of 45mm all-round over the original suspension.

Pedders Suspension Nissan X-Trial

This kit consists of 4 Pedders Raised Coil Springs, 4 Pedders Sportsryder Shocks, and a pair of Pedders Camber bolts (for the front. Once installed a full 4 wheel alignment was completed on our Hunter Wheel alignment machine.

Pedders Suspension Nissan X-Trial

Pedders have a wide range of 4×4 fitment. If you are interested click Here!


What Is The Best Performance Engine Oil?

The Best Performance Engine Oil Test – Co-ordSport Ltd & MMT Performance

I’m Sam Poole, and I work in Co-ordSport’s IT Dept., specialising in Video/Social Media. Me and my colleague, Nathaniel, were recently commissioned to take a trip overseas to video a test of different performance oils. We travelled to Bratislava, Slovakia and met with MMT Performance, owned by Tomas Durdik. They specialise in Tuning and developing performance cars. With the amount of hard work and time they spend in the dyno room, it’s hard to believe it’s only a hobby for them! Located in the middle of an industrial estate, it didn’t look much from outside! But upon entering and seeing the Evo 10 and Dyno setup, we knew this was a serious test.


The aim of our trip was to help support a test of different performance engine oils. Picking the biggest brands, we wanted to find out which oil would have the best WHP and Torque on the MMT Mitsubishi Evo X. The brands we tested were as follows: Castrol Edge, Titan Race, Gulf Competition, Motul 300V, Millers Oils, Red Line, Royal Purple and HKS Super Racing.

With the temperature hitting around 30-32° (something us English really are not used to), the hardest part of the day was keeping well away from the beer fridge! Well… at least until all the testing was complete.

Castrol Edge Oil

Having tuned over 40 cars in Slovakia, it didn’t take long to spot one, especially when it pulled up right outside! Personally, I think the reputation of MMT Performance speaks for itself and they seem to be the guys to visit for tuning. Keeping in mind, all the tuning in the world will not help a head on collision with a truck, I wish I had the pictures… talk about being an amateur photographer!

MMT Yellow Evo

We needed to keep the testing as fair as possible. All results were recorded within the same day, the car was warmed up and also idled for 10 minutes before each test, the results were recorded, the oil was drained and we moved straight onto the next one with a new OEM oil filter. It was a long hard day, arriving at approx. 9am and leaving just shy of midnight.

Changing The Oil

We had our predictions about which oils would be the best, but we were soon surprised by some of the results! Our testing proves that engine oils really are different and can make a noticeable difference to your car’s performance – but then performance can mean different things to different people. Also different performance is needed for different terrain or different types of competition/use – power or toque – which do you prefer?

Obviously there is also more to oil than short life power & torque performance, you also need your oils to have good durability and other capabilities. This test was an interesting exercise though, and Tomas promises to carry out further interesting tests in the future…stay tuned!

Click here to view our video and results!

MMT Performance