Mitsubishi Evo AYC rear differentials

Car manufacturers are constantly improving and refining their cars and the parts that make them up. There can be some benefits for owners to fit the later parts to their earlier cars. Or sometimes this happens, when the earlier part fails and the easily available replacement is a later part, which may even be a used one from a car that is broken up for parts.

The AYC rear diffs on Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions 4~9 are a classic example of this. These parts do fail and often people make the later parts fit their earlier cars. Which is fine, until you decide to modify or repair the newly fitted assembly – as you may not be ordering the correct parts to match the components now fitted to your car. Continue reading Mitsubishi Evo AYC rear differentials

Wavetrac LSD Gear Oil Recommendations

Wavetrac DifferentialsAs a dealer of Wavetrac LSDs, we get asked what gear oil is recommended for use with a Wavetrac limited slip differential. Below are the recommendations from Wavetrac:

Your new Wavetrac® differential is incredibly durable and will withstand the harshest environment… as long as suitable oil is used.

Many customers ask what oil we recommend for use with the Wavetrac® differential. We feel the best answer is: Use the “factory fill.”

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