Bridgeway are bridging the gap in conrod and crank manufacturing supply

Bridgeway’s capability is growing

***************************Latest news from our supplier*****************************************

Dear All Bridgeway Partners,


Just a briefing that our capability is growing. In the past 18 months, we are facing big challenge at delivery! While covid-19 brings a little problem at our supplying chain, but main reason is that our capability cannot fulfill order quantity requirement.


Quality is always the priority of all of Bridgeway products. Even though we cannot catch up with delivery, we don’t dare pushing shop too much in case any quality issue happened. Meanwhile, we work on increasing capability all the time however having everything in excellent condition takes quite long time.


We do appreciate all partners‘ patient very much. I would like to update our news (increased equipment) as following –

With the increased equipment, Bridgeway’s capability is going to grow significantly. We believe the current delivery issue is temporary and will catch up with soon.


Again, thanks a lot for all partners loyal to Bridgeway, we will continue do our best to provide good components and service.

Thank you,




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