A history of


Co-ordSport and the Tusk Engineering team moved on to compete in the 1989 FIA Asia-Pacific series and selected World Rally Championship events. That works contract, to run Kenjiro Shinozuka’s official Mitsubishi Oil Ralliart Team, instigated the creation of Co-ordSport, the name representing Co-ordination of Motorsports – Co-ordSport provided the team’s European base and general logistics management. 


Rallye de Portugal – Vinho do Porto  18th overall

Acropolis Rally  7th overall  KNY77 FU3426

Rothmans Rally of New Zealand  6th overall



Futhermore, in this year I inherited a workshop…

(Picture shows the rally car of Peter’s business partner at the time, Pat Ryan – ex-British Leyland apprentice and later works driver, at the workshops of Blaze Motors in Oldbury, West Midlands. Peter and Patrick entered the 1987 Tudor Webasto Manx International Rally, finishing 24th overall and 3rd in class. The pair had been instrumental in Tudor Webasto sponsoring rallies, starting with the 1983 Tudor Webasto Jersey Rally – both Peter and Patrick competed in and officiated on various Jersey Rallies)

From that humble and somewhat scruffy beginnings, Co-ordSport blossomed and grew into a respected and successful International Group.

Once again Co-ordSport and Tusk Engineering ran 3 x Group N cars on the Lombard RAC Rally

ADVAN / PIAA TEAM included 3 x cars

The Blaze Motorsport team also helped other Japanese drivers on World Championship events such as The Rallies of Portugal and New Zealand, also The Acropolis Rally in Greece, with the satellite team assisted by Peter Collinson’s long time friend and driver, Simon Redhead, and his associate Jonny Dunning.

Results for Kiyoshi Inoue:  (Co-ordSport’s 2nd flying Japanese dentist)

Rallye de Portugal – Vinho do Porto  12th overall 6th Group N

Acropolis Rally  7th overall  KNY77 FU3426

Rothmans Rally of New Zealand  DNF Accident