Cusco Developing Performance Parts for Honda CR-Z

Cusco Honda CR-ZWith Honda’s sporty hybrid, the CR-Z not hitting the UK market until the summer, our partners, Japanese tuning experts, Cusco, have already been developing parts to improve the performance and handling of this 1.5L six-speed coupĂ©.

The current product line-up includes: roll cages, front strut brace, anti-roll bar, additional rear brace, rear strut brace, lower arm bar and Sport ZERO1 adjustable height coilover kit.

The Honda CR-Z is the first hybrid sold in the UK with manual transmission, showing its sporting credentials. Drivers can switch between three driving modes, ‘econ‘, ‘normal‘ and ‘sport‘, depending on whether you wish to boost your enjoyment or economy on each trip out – or get the perfect mix of both.

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