Cusco develops Toyota C-HR rally car for Asia-Pacific series

Cusco are proud to announce the development of their next generation Toyota C-HR rally car car in order to participation in FIA Asian Pacific Rally Championship (APRC), Japan Super Rally Series (JSR) and other FIA International Rally.

It has experienced data to be run by YARIS 4WD from APRC and JSR currently. C-HR has been developed to suit to APRC AP4 regulation for chassis, drive train and engine. The engine and transmission for C-HR is using same TRD-8AR and Drenth Sequential 5-speed gearbox. We have developed and equipped suspension parts and differential exclusively.


Base vehicle: TOYOTA C-HR
Engine:TRD-8AR 2.0L Turbo
Transmission:Drenth Sequential 5-speed gearbox
Rear differential:CUSCO

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