Cusco, parts available and under development for the NEW Subaru WRX STi 2014 models

Please find below a table of products for the NEW Subaru WRX Sti 2014

Available from Co-ordSport

Descriptions Parts No. GB£ Retail,before VAT
Front Strut Brace 6A1-540-A  
Rear Strut Brace 694-541-A £135.78
Rear Cross Strut Brace 6A1-  
Front Lowerarm Ver.1, Front side of Lower arm 684-475-A £67.89
Front Lowerarm Ver.1, Rear side of Lower arm 692-475-A £108.62
Power Brace, Cross member 692-492-M £199.14
Power Brace, Floor Centre 692-492-C £343.97
Power Brace, Rear member 687-492-RS £117.67
Rear Traling Rod 965-474-T £316.82
Steering Rack Reinforced stay for RHD 692-026-A £45.26
Steering Rack Reinforced stay for LHD    
Engine Mount Set 660-911-SET £235.35
Folding Tow Hook, Front 965-017-F £88.71
Folding Tow Hook, Rear 693-017-R £88.71
Oil Catch Tank 6A1-009-A  
Belt Cover 692-730-A £88.71
Battery Stay 00B-745-A £52.50
Accell Pedal set for RHD 965-766-A £34.40
B.C.S. for RHD 6A1-561-A  
B.C.S. for LHD    
Anti-roll Bar, Front 6A1-311-A26  
Anti-roll Bar, Rear 6A1-311-B22  

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