HKS 545cc Fuel Injector for Nissan VQ/RB Engines

14002-AN001New from Japanese performance tuning experts, HKS, is the 545cc Injector for Nissan VQ/RB Neo Engines, a high volume injector for supercharger/turbocharger fuel compensation.

With these injectors, fuel mixture quality is greatly improved, which is particularly noticeable in cold conditions where it is difficult for the air to mix with fuel and also under acceleration where a lot of fuel is required.

The fuel injector (part number 14002-AN001) is available from Co-ordSport with a retail price of £126.50+VAT.


  • Top Feed
  • High impedance (12 – 14Ω)
  • Clip installation type
  • Compatible with VQ35DE, VQ35HR, VQ37VHR engines


Stock HKS
Current item
New item
VQ35DE Early Model
RB25DE (NEO) 1402-RN011 14002-AN001
Injector volume (Name) 480cc 545cc
Full injection volume (@300kPa fuel pressure) 300cc 505cc 575cc
Number of injection holes 4 4 12 Taper
Injection angle (Measured) 15° 10° 25°
Mixture quality


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