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Here is the latest news from Kevin Pedersen in Denmark

“As everyone knows, the speedway season has not started yet, and although we have had the chance to train for the last month and had hoped to be able to race the U21 DM next weekend, it has also been cancelled and all training has been suspended.

It is very frustrating for all of us, and especially for me, as I had been looking forward to making a debut in the Danish Metal Speedway League and bought lots of new gear including a brand new bike with a brand new special engine.

 However, there is a very positive news,  that the new bike is running really well, and I have been training 2-3 days a week for the last month so when we are released again I am 100% ready.

As a result, we have updated my 2018 engine with the same set-up as the new one and are thus finding exactly what suits me best.”

Check out his latest video HERE


Difficult times for Kevin, but he is doing his best to be ready for the better days and here at Co-ordsport we love supporting young talents.

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