RAYS – 2015 New Model Line-up


To view the RAYS 2015 retail price list click here: Rays 2015 Retail Price List

RAYS have just released their brand new model line-up for 2015, with some great looking wheels. Below you can see a few of the brand new models for yourself:


The image above shows the 2 brand new additions to the popular Volkracing series – The Volkracing TE37RT BK Edition & Volkracing ZE40.

There are also more new models for 2015 from RAYS, below shows a sample of them:


(From left to right; Blackfeet 625C, Gramlights 57Valkyrie, Gramlights 67Xtreme CJ SPEC, Homura 2x8GTS and Homura A7M)


Rays 2015 Retail Price List

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