Comfortable and supple driving with good performance.
High performance parts by CUSCO are carefully tested to the manufacturer’s high standards.
All CUSCO parts designed with total driving balance in mind.
Improve the rigidity of a vehicle’s chassis with Cusco power braces. Available for the rear and front of the Toyota Supra A90 MK5 2019+. Installing these parts will greatly improve the torsional rigidity of the chassis and eliminate uncomfortable movement of stock parts due to ageing. You can feel the difference during sharp steering as the increased body rigidity demonstrates the fine tuning achieved by these parts.
●Body reinforcement parts. Improving the body distortion.
●Designed to maximise precise handling.
●Easy to install.
Front Power Brace
Part No. 1C2492ER
Rear Power Brace
Part No. 1C2492R
Rear Interior Power Brace – Harness Bar
Part No. 1C2492TP
Front Anti-Roll Sway Bar
Part No. 1C2311A28
Rear Anti-Roll Sway Bar
Part No. 1C2311B22
Front Tow Hook Eye
Part No. 1C2017F
Rear Tow Hook Eye
Part No. 1C2017R
If you are a proud owner of 2019+ A90 MK5 Toyota Supra, then you might be interested in all other parts we can offer.
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