Why Use Co-ordSport?

  • Over 25 years experience with imported Japanese vehicles:
    We have been rallying and supporting imported road cars since 1989.
  • Not just Mitsubishi vehicles:
    We may be a Mitsubishi specialist, but we have parts available and in stock for a wide range of makes, whether European or Japanese vehicles.
  • Stock and availability:
    With over 6000 references for these cars, we have the stock to match! All these parts are stored in our new modern Sales and Distribution Centre.
  • Next day delivery service on all orders when placed before 3:30pm:
    Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland – 2 day service / overseas 2:00pm.
  • Technical Support:
    We have a vast knowledge of performance and Japanese cars, and can support you and your customers to ensure satisfaction every time.
  • Competitive Pricing:
    We believe Co-ordSport’s retail prices are very competitive. Trade discounts available, with service second to none. Retail online service via part-box.com, with free delivery.
  • Direct dial to the Mail Order Department:
    With a Tele-sales department for mail order sales, you can be assured of speaking directly to someone who will be able to deal with your requests.

Co-ordSport Premises

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