Evo Clutch Problems

A potential customer called re clutch problems he has suffered with his Evo. 6 Tommi Makinen Edition – he has had 2 or 3 clutches in his E6 TM car this year (reckons he drove his E4 harder and never had any problems). Clutch the car came with didn’t last long, then he had a twin plate clutch fitted, which didn’t last 500 miles (he wasn’t sure what make). Then he fitted an organic or standard clutch himself – not sure if E4~6 230mm or E7~9 240mm and he couldn’t remember what flywheel he fitted, but despite that being OK initially it has now started slipping after just 4 months!

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Mitsubishi Colt CZT Turbo Performance Parts

Mitsubishi Colt  CZT Turbo (Copyright © Flickr User 'i_am_lee_sam')Had a call from a young chap today, he’s got a Mitsubishi Colt CZT Turbo, which he thinks is a great car. He is keen to modify the car, but it’s one of those vehicles that is hard to find good special parts for. They’re popular in Japan, but only sold in small numbers in UK/EU. Plus there are some differences between JDM and EU versions (such as they don’t have 3 door versions in Japan – it’s a European thing! Also he was a little shocked by some of the prices for parts from Mitsubishi.

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