SATS Cosworth Drift Team – Results for Round 2

Team SATS Cosworth headed off to the Norfolk Arena, in Kings Lynn, for the second round of the Maxxis Tyres BDC which was held last Saturday, 21st May.

The team were looking to repeat their success at round one, which seen them take 1st place. However, just after this, the team had a problem when they realised that the track at Norfolk wasn’t quite suited to the Supra’s setup. After several meetings and phone calls, the team decided that it would be best to arrive at the track with the same setup, and make a decision on how to adjust the car then.

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Cusco Roll Cage Guide

There are numerous options and variations of Cusco/Saftey 21 Roll Cages so we have put together a guide to help you answer your questions about cages and their fitment, also to help you choose the ideal roll cage for your activities.

This guide includes:

  • Bolt in or Weld in?
  • Choosing the material
  • Selecting Manufacturer & Chassis Code
  • Got a Sunroof?
  • Choosing the C Pillar Bar Style
  • The C Pillar Bar Mount Position
  • How many Points?
  • Through Dash or Escape Dash
  • Accessories

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DW Pump – Seeking More Feedback

* lph = Litres Per Hour

The DeatschWerks 300lph fuel pumps are selling well (which is not suprising; they offer great performance at a reasonable cost).

We are recieving good feeback from customers regarding how efficiently and quietly the pumps run and how easy they are to fit. Many people are already using the pumps in vehicles not listed in our fitment list, but achieve what they need with a similar fitment, or just by using the Universal Fitting Kit.

DW Pump Picture

We are interested to hear how you get on with fitting the pumps to non-listed vehicles and very keen for people to try the pumps in more non-listed vehicles. If there are any issues, we will always take the pump back. If you’re willing to try a new, non-listed fitment and report back on how the job went, we are willing to offer you a special deal!

So if you need a high capacity pump for your tuning project, and know the DW 300lph pump will be the best one for the job, give us a call.

Special Offer on BMW Brake Package

As many will know, it is a popular past time to take your cherished performance car over to the continent, and drive the car to it’s full potential on the safety of a closed track. One such famous venue is The Nordschleife, also known as Nűrburgring or the ‘Ring! (find out more on Wikipedia). Our German office, Co-ordSport GmbH (, is located just 45minutes from this famous track, alongside the Moselle River.

A potential customer called recently and explained how he enjoys to take his standard BMW M3 E46 over to the ‘Ring and has invested in professional tuition – a very wise move, it can be a formidable track! The tutor had recommended uprated brakes and better tyres, and for this purpose we have developed the following special package:

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GRB Impreza Aftermarket Fuel Pump; not such an easy job as earlier cars, apparently

For the 08+ Subaru Impreza, you will probably not be seeing a specific install kit from us; at least not soon.

The reason being is that the DeatschWerks (DW) pump is not a direct fit for the 08+ and it takes some special installation to use that pump in a GRB Impreza. This is not an “issue” with the DW pump as no aftermarket pump is a direct fit for the latest model; the 08+ has an OE pump that is significantly shorter, which means a pump of DW’s dimensions, and all other aftermarket pumps, are not a drop in affair.

That does not mean the DeatschWerks pump can not be used in a 08+, it has already been fitted by some tuners. DW have many installers/tuners who have installed their pump into the latest Imprezas. One good one is Forged Performance, But since much more than a basic install kit would be needed, DW leave that one  up to the end user and installation shops to do.

For DW as manufacturer to sell a pump or kit specifically for the 08+, they would either need a new shorter pump design or to offer a whole new fuel pump assembly to fit our current pump. Which is something they may do at some point, but no time soon.

For 08+ Subaru customers, we either sell the pump alone or with one of the universal install kits and advise that they have it professionally installed by someone who is familiar with Subaru fuel pump installation.

Paul Dolan – A Symbol of Perseverance

Paul Dolan has been with Co-ordSport for over 5 years as Senior Sales Executive and was appointed a Director of the Company last year.

Over the weekend we have seen a typical example of the efforts Paul puts into ensuring our dealers & customers get the best possible service

As is often the case, Paul was still in the office after 6pm on Friday evening, when he discovered that there had been a problem with one of our parcel carriers and some people’s orders were still here. Seems the driver had scanned all the parcels but, in his rush to get away, had not loaded them all into his truck.

As soon as the warehouse staff realised the problem (before 5pm) they called the parcel carriers control centre and made them aware of the situation; they said they would call back within 60 minutes and ensure the driver returned.

Here was Paul and his fellow directors still in the office more than 2 hours later and there had been no return call and no returning driver! This is the height of frustration for Paul; he hates letting customers down. So he called the control centre and pushed them to get the parcels collected. After several calls to several parties it became clear that the driver had ignored the requests to return and went home.

By this time it was after 8pm on Friday! A time when most ‘ 9-5’ers ‘ are in front of the tv with their TV with their feet up or down the pub. Paul wouldn’t give up, but the best agreement he could get was for the parcel carrier to send a driver in between 09:00am and 12:00pm on Saturday morning. Paul wasn’t due to be in over the weekend, but agreed to be there to meet the driver, to avoid dissappointing customers.

Paul arrived at the Co-ordSport office 09:00 sharp, as agreed, only to find that the van driver for the parcel carrier had been at 08:45! Here we go again, call the control centre and be promised a call back in 60 minutes.   After a long wait Paul recieved the call back and at 11.15am they arrived and collected the parcels as agreed. Paul in the meantime caught up on his workload before returning home to his partner Kate, the 2 cats Zippy and Bungle, and his beloved family fleet of a Focus RS and 2xFiestas (1 belonging to Kate, the other being Pauls’ race car). As you may guess, Paul is also Co-ordSport’s Ford Specialist, when he is not being our ‘Fire Fighter’ / Problem Solver!