Co-ordSport & Jenvey develop throttle-body set-up for Swifts

As part of their on-going Suzuki Swift power development programme, Co-ordSport recently commissioned Jenvey to design and produce a manifold to suit the Suzuki Swifts. Continue reading Co-ordSport & Jenvey develop throttle-body set-up for Swifts

Co-ordSport represent RAYS Wheels at Williams F1 partner day

On Wednesday, several Co-ordSport staff attended the Williams F1 partner day at the iconic Silverstone race track, representing their partners RAYS Wheels, which are fitted to all Williams F1 cars. The event was a chance for friends and partners of Williams F1 to enjoy an exclusive day of access-all-areas activities and for team personnel to personally thank them for their continued support.

Left to right: Valtteri Bottas, Paul Evans, Bruno Senna, Craig Clarke, Suzie Wolff, Aaron Moore, Paul Dolan and Pastor Maldonado.

Highlights included Pastor Maldonado, Bruno Senna and Valtteri Bottas driving two of the most legendary cars in Williams’ history – the FW08 that took Keke Rosberg to the driver’s title in 1982 and the FW18 that saw Damon Hill clinch the championship in 1996. Also, Williams F1 Development Driver Susie Wolff driving the FW33, her first time at the wheel of a Formula One car.

Staff got to meet all the drivers, were taken round the Silverstone track by the drivers in souped-up Renault hatchbacks and even had a practice changing the wheels (RAYS of course!) in the pit stop challenge. Paul Dolan and Paul Evans managed a respectable 3.9 seconds, although are not expecting a call from the team any time soon! Continue reading Co-ordSport represent RAYS Wheels at Williams F1 partner day

OBD readers & diagnostics with iPhone & Andriod devices


Have you tried an iPhone or Android OBD app?
We are currently trialling the iPhone / iPod / iPad Innovate OT-2 & Andriod HKS OB-Link OBD diagnostic products on our own vehicles. We will let you know how we get on.

If anyone has tried either of these, or in fact any other, with both positive or negative results please let us know.