A Tough Race For Julle Racing.

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The Julle Racing team recently completed the 5th round of the Danish Rallycross championship cup… Here is Søren’s report of the event:

“The weekend started Friday afternoon, departing from Kevin’s school to do some technical checks from 4:00pm to 8:00pm that same day. As always, Taylor went right through the Technical Control and was ready for the first race Saturday morning at. 7.00am.

The draw for the first round heats were very unlucky, there was a no. 1 on the note drawn and this was the worst possible start in heat one that the team could have asked for. It did not help that the track had been sprayed with anti-dust and thus had no bite in the first 3-5 heats.

We only got the 7th fastest time, thus demonstrating that it was a struggle to get into the semifinals and then the finals. It did not help that we were pushed off the track in both 2 and 3 heat by the same Swedish driver. It was a big accident, the heat was stopped and for the re-run, we were only two cars ready. Unfortunately, the other car, our Swedish “friend”, once again pushed us into the guardrail.

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Now the car was so damaged that we were just about to give up, but with the help of EMSA support members we changed the cooler, drive shaft, suspension arms, suspension joints and base plate and welded both Front subframe and several nuts.

The car was 90% ready and it was just enough to run us into the finals after a very close and good race with Emil Nielsen in the Citroen Saxo.

With a starting place in the third starting row at the back, the aim was to try and stick on the outside in the first corner, it succeeded greatly and we were up to 5th place. On the last lap the car in front made a mistake and meant that we were able to pull in to 4th position.

After a very tough day the team was happy at least. After the race all of  drivers are called up to the judge. There was then great joy as number 196 is called up in 3rd place, it turns out this was our Swedish “friend” whom was then excluded from the final after several warnings during the day about his reckless driving.

There are now less than 20 days to the next and final race of the year, so the team is busy working hard in the workshop to get Taylor fully prepared and ready again.

Once again, a big thank you to all of those who make this possible.