The Co-ordSport NL Porsche
Cayman 987.1 S

Our Porsche started in 2006 as a Cayman S with a 3.4 engine with 295hp. The mid-engine principle with rear-wheel drive is the perfect basis for super handling on road and track. Some even claim this platform is better than a 911.

Safety first!

Recaro Pole Position ABE – Pepita version

A good seating position and support ensures that you feel exactly what the car is doing at all times. You feel when it is slippery outside, when the car wants to under- or over-steer and can act accordingly faster. As we will not be driving our car in a cup, having an FIA approval is not important. We opted for the ABE version, a street-approved seat for Germany, for example. Slightly wider hip room compared to the FIA version. In addition, it was possible to go for partial leather, which gives a luxurious look to the Porsche.

Schroth 4-point belts

As with the seats, you want to be well secured in the car. Racing belts help with this. Schroth FIA-approved belts with a quick-release, provide extra safety!

Heigo Clubsport roll cage

A bolt-in roll cage, as most of our customers drive their car on the street and don’t want a welded cage, we opted for a clubsport bracket that adds to safety but is always reversible so that when you sell the car you don’t leave any permanent damage behind. Optional harness bar ensures we can use the belts properly and safely in the car.



The Cayman comes standard with nice Brembo calipers ex-factory. There is basically nothing wrong with these, so we are going to test the limits of these calipers before upgrading them to, say, AP Racing Pro5000R calipers. We overhauled the calipers with new pistons, bleed valves, seals and dust covers, then changed the brake pads to Endless ME20 compound. For us, there is only one brand when it comes to brake lines, and that is Goodridge. Price-quality is key in this. A brand you can trust well and for less than €130 you have new pipes all around generally. The brake fluid is Endless RF650, the top of the top!
Finally, we replaced the master cylinder for one from a Porsche 997 GT3. This one has a larger volume with its 27mm diameter which makes for a more direct braking feel. Definitely an upgrade worthwhile!


We drive on street-legal tyres on the track, but with what is popularly called “Semi Slicks” namely the Nankang AR-1. Brakes and tyres need to be balanced. If you have incredibly good tyres with shitty brake pads, you will never reach the full potential of the tyres. Conversely, you can have hard biting pads, but if you end up in the ABS every time because your tyres can’t handle it, it’s no use.

The chassis

Now that we are comfortable in the car, able to stop due to the better brakes and tyres, it is time to make sure that at all times the tyres maintain contact with the tarmac. After all, it remains the case that when you have no grip you can’t do anything.
We ride with the Dutch brand MOTON, part of AST Suspensions. We chose the maximum adjustable set available, the Moton 3-Way. Fully adjustable, so height, rebound, bump and hardness all separately.
Now that we can fine-tune the height and hardness for every moment, we’d like to be able to adjust the alignment perfectly as well. We chose to replace the wishbones with ones from Powerflex. These are fitted with new, harder rubbers / bushings with caster and camber adjustment. This gives an enormously tight road holding and perfectly adjustable suspension.

By the way, we do alignment in-house, with our Corghi Laser alignment equipment we can align any car perfectly. Together on our Intercomp scales, we find the perfect balance in the car so that it does exactly what we want it to do. During braking, steering, mid-corner and as soon as we step on the gas. Anyone with an adjustable suspension should have their car weighed and aligned!


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