1500BHP R35 Fitted With Kelford Cams

A big congratulations to Francis Garcia on some great results in his R35, fitted with 231-C Kelford camshafts and valve springs supplied by Co-ordSport. (231-C 276° Cam Set & KVS38)


  • The only car to do over 200mph at TOTB. Won jap show at Santa pod on the 5/7/15 fastest car of the day. 8.61 @ 164mph 1/4 mile.
  • Won USC show at Santa pod on the 2/8/15 fastest car of the day. 8.59 @ 165mph 1/4 mile
  • Attending the jap show final on 11/10/15 to attempt to beat previous time
  • All work is carry out by Severn Valley Motorsport.
  • 3.8 forged V6 with a ETS 3586 HTA turbo kit and race intercooler
  • Fully built PPG gearbox and more, suspension and brakes 



View more information and specs about 231-C Kelford Camshafts

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