A Strong 3-0 Cup Victory For Woodfield Wanderers FC…


Following their great victory in the league last week, Part-Box sponsored Woodfield Wanderers continued their domination in the K Pemberton Cup this past Sunday. The full in depth match report can be found below:

2 weeks previous to this fixture we faced Phoenix TSG in a league match. Unfortunately we were unable to field our strongest team. We had to compromise our defense to fill in for our goalie, however we lost by a late (lucky/unlucky) goal.

However, we came into this game with more confidence. Allowing us to play with our heads up, but without forgetting what happened previously. We started sloppy in the first half, we didn’t look like we wanted to play. We were unable to put together any number of passes without someone panicking or making an individual error. For the first 20/25 minutes our defense had to hold all the pressure. TSG Phoenix relentlessly attacked our back 4. With us just being able to break on the counter. We couldn’t get the ball down, and move with it. Until around the 30th minute we hit on a break, the ball being played between Nick, Eli and Josh down the right, Josh broke with the ball and played Nathaniel down the wing. Nathaniel beat the defender and got to the corner line and whipped the ball across the box, Jack Cocking picked the ball up and laid it off to Jamie Exton, Jamie cut back and forward, and back and forward, before letting his shot off from 8 Yards, It beat the keeper, but a TSG Defender managed to clear the ball off the line for a Woodfield Corner.

Woodfield took the usual positions in the box, Matt and Josh sticking around the back post, Damo on the edge for a late run and Nathaniel standing on the goalie, making sure he could not get involved. Jamie whipped the ball in to find the late run of Damien, who found the back of the net.

For the next 10 minutes of the half, we found ourselves defending again, with 2 or 3 Threatening attacks from TSG Phoenix, the ref blew the whistle for half time. The half time talk consisted of Nick making sure the players knew they were not working hard enough.


The second half starts and Woodfield look like they want to use the ball as a gift, they were actually trying to keep it between themselves. With some attacking runs coming from Woodfield, and a few chances missed – Courtney was brought on for Nathaniel on the 55th minute. After making an impact instantly out strengthen the defense of TSG Phoenix, on a fulfilled attack from Woodfield – a few bounces around the box, the ball fell to Courtney, who hit it with his Left, beating the keeper and putting Woodfield 2 – 0 Up. Sitting comfy now, Nick Jevon made way for Genos and Damo for Kristian. Woodfield, dominating the game fully now.

TSG couldn’t get out there half. With Kristian, Jack, Jamie and Courtney linking up in the middle of the park – They managed to pass the ball around every TSG player in the area. 3 times round they went, until Kristian broke off to the right, spreading the play, Then receiving the ball on the edge of the box, with some fancy footwork around a defender, he hit the ball across the box, where it fell to Jamie Exton, who took his time, walked to the goal line, changed feet and slotted it home for 3 – 0.

TSG Phoenix at this point were frustrated, the strikers only option was to shout at his team because he had “loads of space” – He didn’t, we told him he didn’t (from the side of the pitch). He had been marked out the game and Genos and Chris made sure he had nothing. The only TSG attempt of the second half was a lucky corner that was going for Goal, but Shaun Minton Tipped it over for a “Goal Kick” (Great ref ;)).

Woodfield Advance to the Second round of the K Pemberton Cup, Next week it’s back to the league vs AFC Milestone (Although the Wolverhampton Sunday League website has already predicted a 3 – 3 Draw).


Visit Woodfield Wanderers FC’s website: http://www.clubwebsite.co.uk/woodfieldwanderersfc/

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