AP Racing Product Name Change

Product Name Change.

As from June 1st AP Racing’s Big Brake Kits will no longer be known as FORMULA BIG BRAKE KITS but as ‘FACTORY BIG BRAKE KITS’ for road applications and ‘FACTORY COMPETITION BRAKE KITS’ for Competition/Race applications.

fbbk fcbk

New Products

Factory Big Brake Kits.

One application has been added to the Factory Competition Brake kits listings. Below are brief details on the application and full details can be found on the attached leaflet.


CP6628-1006 is a new 4 piston front brake kit. The CP6628 radial mounted brake calipers are available in either gloss Black or red paint finishes and is designed to accept a Ø343 x 28mm two piece disc and bell assembly to fit inside an unspecified 18” or 19” aftermarket wheel. Retail Prices:- CP6628-1006BG.CG8 £1809.21 + VAT / CP6628-1006R2.CG8 £1838.98 + VAT.

BMW M3 E92 Front and Rear Kits.

CP5260-1001NP is a new 6 piston front brake kit. This new kit is designed to use Ø368 x 36mm discs with 8 grooves per face and “float in the bell” mountings using CP4015 bobbins. Retail Prices:- £2319.86 + VAT

CP6602-1003NP is a new 4 piston rear brake kit. This new kit is designed to compliment the front kit and uses Ø352 x 26mm discs with 8 grooves per face. Retail Prices:- £2079.00 + VAT


CP7625-1001NP is a new 4 piston front brake kit. This new kit is designed to compliment CP5060-1006NP front kit and uses Ø335 x 24mm discs with 8 grooves per face. Retail Prices:- £1242.00 + VAT

Updated Products


Floor Mounted Pedal Box

CP5500-605 is an updated three pedal box assembly. CP5500-605MTS & UTS versions include a new contact less rotary sensor with dual input/output for redundancy and a stronger throttle spring to suit. CP5500-605M & U are available without throttle sensor fitted. (Fig 1. Depicts the main difference between -605 & -505 types).

CP5500-605 replaces CP5500-505 which has been made inactive but continues to include all the similar features its predecessor benefited from. See attached installations drawing for details.
A complete part number and supercession guide to CP5500 range is below.



Engineering Changes

CP5516-8 Pedal Box Part Numbers:

The part number for the floor mounted pull type pedal box with a rotary sensor has changed from CP5516-8 to CP5516-88TS. The same part without the rotary sensor can be ordered under part number CP5516-88. Please note: This is a simple part numbering change and only affects CP5516-8 from the range.

CP6465 Master Cylinder.

As from June 1st,a rolling change to the end cap piston seal on all CP6465 Master Cylinders and repair kits will take effect. We will be replacing the O-Ring (No 5.) type with a D-Section type to aid prevention of seal roll and therefore helping seal control. See diagram on Page 3 for details.


Metallic Race Clutches – CP6013 and CP6014

CP6013 / CP6014 cover assemblies will no longer been manufactured from billet but from a forging. To aid this changeover the part numbers for CP6013 and CP6014 endurance specification metallic race clutches have been updated to bring into line with AP Racing clutch numbering convention.

OLD PART NUMBERS: (Billet Cover) NEW PART NUMBERS: ( Forged Cover)
CP6013AORA CP6013-OH90-SF
CP6013ACRV CP6013-CH90-SF
CP6014AORA CP6014-OH90-SF
CP6014ACRV CP6014-CH90-SF

Master Cylinders – CP2623 and CP5623 Families.

As from the middle of May a rolling change to forged bodies on CP2623 and CP5623 master cylinder will start to take effect. This decision has been made due to the old casting dies being beyond economical repair. The new forged bodies offer a 50g weight saving and a more compact body design than the cast version. All internal components and part numbers remain the same. Images below depict old casting and new forged version. Customer drawing is attached.

cast forged

Product Change Reminder

CP6859 Slave Cylinder

This is a reminder that CP6859 Forged Cylinder has superceded CP3859 cast series BUT IS NOT IDENTICAL.

The differences between CP6859 and CP3859 are:

  • Hydraulic port geometry and thread, now M10 was M12.
  • Reduced port height, now 44.92mm was 59.21mm.

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