Bridgeway Con Rod ~ ARP Bolt Stretch & Torque

ARP highly recommend using a stretch gauge when installing rod bolts and other fasteners, where it is possible to measure the length of the fastener. It is the most accurate way of measuring preload of any bolt. When using a stretch gauge it’s best to measure the fastener prior to starting and monitor overall length during installation. When the bolt has stretched amount, the correct preload or clamping force has been applied. ARP recommend that you maintain a chart of all rod bolts and make a note of the fastener length prior to installation and after any disassembly. If there is a permanent increase of .001″ or more in length, there is a deformation and the bolt should be replaced.

See instructions here:


ARP Rod Bolt Stretch & Torque
1. Ensure the mating surfaces,thread in bolt hole and top surface on cap are all clean.
2. Match the number of cap and beam, to ensure they always stay together as a matched set
3. Using a stretch gauge, check the original bolt length.see picture 1
4. Lubricate the bolt, according to the image, see picture 2
5. Install the bolt to the end of it’s thread by hand
6. Tighten the bolts by torque wrench in 2 stages, refer to the recommended torque.
7. Using the stretch gauge check the length of each bolt again, making sure the length is correct, with the amount of recommended stretch.
** If there is a permanent increase of 0.001″ or more in length, then there is a deformation and the bolt(s) must be replaced.


Rod Bolt Stretch & Torque
Part # Description Material Tensile Strength Stretch Recommended Torque ARP Set Equiv.
4AP1.601-2LU 7/16″-20 x 1.600″ ARP 2000 220,000 Minimum .0055″-.0060″ 50/75ft/Ibs >102Nm No Kit number
4AP1.801-2U 7/16″-20 x 1.800″ ARP 2000 220,000 Minimum .0060″-.0065″ 50/75ft/Ibs >102Nm 200-6204 (16pcs)
4AJ1.600-2SU 3/8″-24 x 1.600″ ARP 2000 220,000 Minimum .0055″-.0060″ 35/55ft/Ibs >75Nm 200-6209(8pcs)
4AJ1.600-10SLU 3/8″-24 x 1.600″ ARP Custom Age 625 260,000 Minimum .0065″-.0070″ 35/60ft/Ibs >82Nm 300-6703(8pcs)
4AJ1.500-2SU 3/8″-24 x 1.500″ ARP 2000 220,000 Minimum .0055″-.0060″ 35/55ft/Ibs >75Nm 200-6207(8pcs)
3AG1.505-2U 5/16″-24 x 1.500″ ARP 2000 220,000 Minimum .0050″-.0055″ 20/30ft/Ibs >41Nm 200-6210(8pcs)
3AG1.500-10U 5/16″-24 x 1.500″ ARP Custom Age 625 260,000 Minimum .0055″-.0060″ 20/32ft/Ibs >44Nm 300-6708(8pcs)


Special equipment available online:

ARP Stretch Gauge

ARP Lube


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