Athena Head Gaskets for Audi RS 2.5L 5 cylinder applications







Athena presents the new Cut Ring gasket for Audi 2.5l RS 5-cylinder engines. Cut Ring gaskets are the most suitable for turbo engines, which run at pressures exceeding 2 bar. These powerful engines require gaskets which can withstand really high temperatures and pressures. Athena’s R&D department has thus engineered the only aftermarket racing gasket on the market for Audi RS engine, which ensures maximum sealing in all conditions. The gasket is produced in Motor Gasket®, the exclusive material developed and patented in Athena’s research laboratories, and features stainless steel sealing rings, machined from solid, around each cylinder bore opening. Motor Gasket® perfectly resists the stresses of high compression engines and it is treated with special anti-stick and anti-tear coatings. During installation, no modification of the head or engine block is necessary.

















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