Audi Powerflex Suspension Bushes

audipff3-106-21.5Powerflex, the number one for suspension bushes in Europe have announced a range of new suspension bushes for Audi applications.

Part Price (exc. VAT) Applications
pff3-106-21.5 PFF3-106-21.5:
Front Anti-roll-bar end link to control-arm bush
£14.25 Buy Online Audi 80,90 B1,B2,B3 1973-1996 2WD & Avant
Audi 80,90 B4 Typ 8C 1992-1996 Quattro & Avant
Audi Coupe B2 Typ 85 1981-1987
Audi Sport Quattro B2 Typ 85 1980-1991
Audi Coupe Quattro B2 Typ 85 1985-1988
pfr3-1011-21-and-pfr3-1011-23.5 PFR3-1011-21 and PFR3-1011-23.5:
Front Anti-roll-bar to chassis bush
£14.25 (21mm) Buy Online
£14.25 (23.5mm) Buy Online
pfr3-108-15 PFR3-108-15:
Rear Anti-roll-bar to control-arm bush
£14.25 Buy Online Audi Sport Quattro B2 Typ 85 1980-1984
pfr3-1011-15.5 PFR3-1011-15.5:
Rear Anti-roll-bar to chassis bush
£14.25 Buy Online

All prices are for a single bush. Powerflex polyurethane bushes offer:

  • Prolonged tyre life
  • Improved performance
  • Increase safety
  • Greater cost-effectiveness

Powerflex bushes offer a solution to soft, ageing, or failing rubber compound suspension bushes.

We stock a range of suspension bushes for other applications including Subaru, Mitsubishi, Ford, Audi and more. Find out more on PartBox.

Powerflex Bushes

POWERFLEX for prolonged tyre life.
POWERFLEX for improved performance.
POWERFLEX for increased safety.

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