Beware of Replica RAYS Products

Our partners, lightweight wheel manufacturer, How to Identify Replica RAYS Dura-NutsRAYS have become aware of replicas of their duralumin wheel nut sets. In our blog we highlighted the benefit of strong, lightweight wheels and the problems poor replicas can cause. We recommend that you always purchase RAYS products from Co-ordSport or an authorised dealer.

RAYS have released the following statement:

Dear Valued Customers,

We greatly appreciate your support for RAYS products and services.

We are already aware of many replica products out on the current market.

One of the most recent products was the replica of our RAYSGEAR DURA-NUTs.

The images on the right show the differences between the original and the replica.

These differences include: package logo, print, colour and finishing on the inside of each bolt.

We are unaware of the strength and durability of each item, however, kindly be reminded that these hold the wheels onto your car. It can be disastrous if the products fail during usage (the same issue applies to replica wheels).

Please make sure to purchase authentic RAYS products through an authorised RAYS dealer.

All RAYS products are researched, developed, and tested to meet and exceed required standardisations globally.

In the upcoming weeks, we are taking procedures to make necessary changes to make sure that authentic items can be separated from the replica.

Again, we appreciate your understanding and your continuous support with RAYS.

Thank you,

Overseas Marketing Division
RAYS Company Limited

RAYS Wheels

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