Bride x Cusco Bucket Seat in XL Size!

What comes to mind when people think of the brand Bride? To us enthusiasts, the brand originates from the small island of Japan where its known to produce some of the world’s best quality products. Over time, these “JDM” seats have made their way through several distribution channels overseas to the global market as well as fake knockoffs popping up from other countries. But that’s a topic for another day.

The first inclination when non-asians sit in these seats is that they are designed for smaller stature persons, most likely for the Japanese people. This is true to a certain extent, nevertheless to fully remedy and demystify this rumor, Bride Japan has released several sizes ranging from smallest to largest for the ZETA III – Type-S, Sport-C, Type-L, and Type-XL (respectively).

bridexcuscoVarious Bride ZETA III Sizes Available (in millimeters)

Full bucket racing seats are designed to hold the driver through applied G forces from all angles of direction. The fitment should be “snug” and the driver should be able to maneuver the vehicle by just using his arms and keeping the upper torso stationary with the use of proper seat belt harnesses. Another benefit is having a lowered seat position and the change of the line of eyesight to suit higher velocities. This way, the target turning mark can be aimed more precisely and efficiently with a lowered seat position. Staying closer to the center of gravity always helps stay in tune with the vehicle handling dynamics and getting the true feel of the road surface.

The Type XL is far the largest full bucket available by Bride and can still fit inside the vehicle interior cabin without any conflict with surrounding components. Plus, the Bride low profile seat rails help make more leg room, especially good for those people over six feet tall. This seat is designed with more depth for the driver’s rear end to sink into, mainly to accustom to people with longer arm and legs. The width of the seat is known to fit perfectly for people with a size 36 give or take. All Bride seats are hand-made in Japan.

The Bride Type XL is also FIA Certified, as well as ASEA Approved for use in various motorsports across the globe. Strict guidelines of vehicle safety testing has been passed.

File Download (1MB PDF) Bride ZETA III XL Letter



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