Co-ordSport Project Rally Suzuki Swift

Co-ordSport Project Rally Suzuki Swift

A few years ago we developed a Swift track car, from a 2008 Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6. It had a tuned engine, an SQS dog gear kit with Cusco LSD & sequential shifter system, along with AP Big Brake Kit and Cusco suspension & Safety21 roll cage. Plus a stripped interior and Rays forged wheels. Latterly we had Cosworth assemble an engine for us, with special internals and then we just got too busy to use it! Success can be a burden ?

Anyway, recently we had to decide what to do with it, as we needed the space – use it or sell it? After chatting in the office, we came up with the ideal compromise – turn it into a rally car!

Or rather get someone else to turn it into a rally car, whilst still allowing us to have the occasional drive of it. They use it on rallies, promoting our brand and we can use the car at selected track events.

For this great master plan we had the ideal victim, sorry we mean candidate

Matt Walk.

A Young, local West Midlands driver, who we already successfully sponsor in his Ford Fiesta, using parts we supply.

The project has just commenced, with the collection and strip down of the car, then the rolling shell has been delivered to Custom Cages, for them to create one of their splendid Clubman bolt in MSA spec. roll cages.

Meanwhile, the Co-ordSport Buyers are busy ordering in the parts needed from their regular suppliers – Cusco, Grayston, Lifeline, RallyFlapz, Sabelt, TRS, etc.

These older Swift Sports can be picked up quite cheaply as base cars, and are great fun to drive as they are. We plan to show how they can be cost effective and reliable, cheap to run competition vehicles. The team’s initial plans will be to enter tarmac rally events.


Walk Motorsport- 2020 Season Update

Sadly this year’s motorsport season hasn’t gone quite to plan, we didn’t think as we put the Fiesta on the trailer at the end of The Agbo in March the layoff would be this long! The quiet spell has given us a chance to get the cars ready for when we are allowed back out, and get started on our exciting new project, curtesy of our long time sponsors Co-Ordsport

We have been given the opportunity to transform their Suzuki Swift from a class winning Sprint Car to a Tarmac Rally Car, the plan being to contest the 2020/2021 MSN Circuit Rally Championship over the Winter. We’ve chosen this championship as we feel it’s the most competitive Clubman Championship in the UK and will give us the best stage to show what the car is capable of.  The car has been supplied to us with an impressive Spec Sheet; the engine has been freshly built by Cosworth, a one off aimed at providing S1600 performance at a fraction of the price. The Gearbox is and SQS Dog Box with sequential shifter. The car also features AP Racing brakes all round and Cusco Racing Suspension, all supplied by This has given us the basis for a competitive car which we will develop over the season. We’re confident with this car we will be fighting for class wins and can add to Co-Ordsports long and successful history in Motorsport.

We wasted no time at all getting started on the cars transformation. Within 2 hours of us collecting the car the existing roll cage, seats, extinguisher kit and dashboard removed ready for the cars trip to Custom Cages, where it will be getting the first MSUK approved bolt in cage fitted to a Swift. Whilst the cars been away we have been working with Co-Ordsport to collect everything we need to get the car ready for the stages. The Swift should be back with us by the end of August when the hard work starts to get the car built ready for round one at Oulton Park in November.

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