Co-ordSport staff just can’t stop themselves helping people

The snow was really bad today in the Black Country, so when a truck visiting our neighbours got itself stuck in the Cleton Street Business Park, lots of the staff left their warm desks to help out.

That was after the first hour of the day had been spent re-clearing the entrance road, footpaths and our parking spaces. There was no pushing this monster, but a few shovels full of grit soon ate through the polished snow and allowed the driver to be on his way. Whilst the C-S staff rushed back to their desks and the ringing phones – it’s been a surprisingly busy day today, despite it almost being the Christmas break.

Just the morning to work tomorrow, then the afternoon is our staff party lunch. Then shopping for those last minute gifts on Friday, as we’re closed, until Dec.29th, when there is a skeleton staff in to cater for any emergency needs of our hard-working dealers and loyal customers. Although our online shop will be open 24/7, including Christmas Day, when you’ve had enough of turkey and the telly!

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