Co-ordSport Suzuki Swift Super 1600 in Denmark – 3rd in Nordic European Zone Championship



It is one of the best days of my life…. We won the bronze medal in the Nordic European Zone Championship yesterday …!!!!!!!!!!!!…

We fought against some of the best riders from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Latvia, Russia and of course Denmark .. The car drive super well and I had times in the ushered heats that led to a semi-final, but a late braking cost a walk off the field, and a bad time … I would therefore start from the back of the semi-final, where only the top three joined the finals. I have fought my way up through the field after a good start and reach the finish only 0.5 seconds. in front of number four.
So I was ready to start from the last row in the finals, there was one car that did not start, I got a super start, reaching an overall third place. However, I got a hit in the 2 turn and drops down to fifth place, so I am fighting my way by a former ERC car and struggling a bit with a Citroen C2, there I cannot keep up, but on the last lap the 2. in ERC right now Ulrik Linnemann get a problem on his car and I fight my way past him in the last corner … Bronze medal …!


DM 4 2014 Foto 3    4 Check out a short footage here2014

DM 4 2014 Foto 2DM 1 2014 foto 1

DM 1 2014 foto 2

DM 1 2014 foto 3DM 4 2014 Foto 1

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