COBB Custom Features for FK8 Civic Type R – Launch Control, Flat Foot Shifting, Burnout Mode

It’s no secret that getting power down in front wheel drive cars can be tricky, especially from a dig at the track or while doing your best Brian O’Conner impression south of the border. Even with Honda’s brilliant implementation of electronic differential control, the FK8 Type R still falls victim to basic physics. Without an effective factory launch control, getting off the line efficiently can be a tricky balance of feathering the throttle and clutch.

COBB Tuning are chnaging that with their first iteration of COBB Custom Features for the 2017-2021 Honda FK8 Type R, Launch Control, First Foot Shifting, and Burnout Mode that are all now available in the new Off The Shelf Maps as well as being custom tunable by COBB Protuners with their Honda Accesstuner Pro software.

The COBB Custom Features include:

  • Launch Control
  • Flat Foot Shifting
  • Burnout Mode
  • Custom Tuning

There is two ways to access these features. If you are utilizing a COBB Off The Shelf Map, simply update the Firmware on your Accessport to receive the newest version, or download the latest v1.01 Stage 1 91/93 Oct Maps from the COBB Website.

Accessport for Honda Civic Type R 2017-2021

Product Code: AP3-HON-001

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