COBB: Monthly Protuner Webinar: Nissan GT-R Auxiliary Injection & More.

Monthly Protuner Webinar: Nissan GT-R Auxiliary Injection and HASP-less Accesstuner Licensing!

Please join the COBB monthly Protuner webinar this Friday, July 28th at noon US Pacific Time. That’s 8pm in the UK and 7pm GMT.

Join COBB’s calibration and engineering team for an introduction to auxiliary injection (12 injector) support for GT-R. This upcoming feature is very thoughtfully implemented with an abundance of tables and log parameters that promote an efficient calibration process producing finished calibrations with absolutely seamless transitions and excellent drive characteristics. All your customers running 6 large injectors will want this feature! As an added bonus, this new feature can also integrate two completely separate fuels!

We’ll end the webinar with an overview of upcoming licensing system changes for Accesstuner Pro. Very soon you will be able to tune without fear of losing or damaging your USB HASP key!

As always, if you cannot attend the webinar the session will be hosted on the Protuner support page.

To register please follow the link:

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