COBB special edition Orange gear knob and the fitting challenges

COBB ~ Co-ordSport Exclusive collaboration

We have a great business relationship with COBB Tuning in the USA and were very excited to be offered the exclusive opportunity for a Limited Edition, sequence numbered Orange Gear Knobs, matching the Orange ST models in the Ford car line-up.

Sharing the news on our social platforms when the exclusive parts were received, we had great responses. ?Worldwide Exclusive to Co-ordSport / Part-Box COBB Tuning Limited Edition Orange gear knob? This coloured coded Gear knob was created to match the later model Ford Focus Mk3 Heritage Edition and Ford Fiesta Mk8 Performance Edition, these extremely limited, individually numbered (1-150) gear knobs are the cherry on top for the interior of your vehicle. These are very limited, only available through Co-ordSport (as sole European Distributor for COBB), so do not hesitate to place an order now as these will sell out like hot cakes. ?Focus ST MK3 2013-2018 ?Focus RS MK3 2016-2018 ?Fiesta ST / 1.0 MK7 & MK8 2014-2019 ?Ford Focus ST MK2

Anodized Aluminum Base, Laser Etched Logo

Maintains Factory Reverse Lockout

Factory Knob Height: 1.95″, COBB Knob: 2.65″

Factory Knob: 153g, COBB Knob: 113.5g

Fitment is easy for this part, so we soon had feedback from customers. Unfortunately, a small amount of the feedback was not positive. There were many happy customers, but a few found the Fiesta fitment was not ideal. We discovered that on some models, the gear lever actually screwed in too far, which had the detrimental knock-on effect of overcoming the Reverse gear locker.

Our customer focused colleagues worked on the solution tirelessly. Even our MD Peter, has been involved to find a solution. We quickly identified the problem and worked on the

solution with the manufacturer, COBB. It turned out there had been a similar issue with certain models of Subaru Impreza worldwide.

Anyway, we have now identified that the difference is a mere 3mm. For affected models, by inserting a specially prepared shim (laser cut 3mm thick acrylic), the problem is quickly solved. It has already been tried and tested. We have now discovered that even Ford has had several updates to these gear knobs, over the ranges. However, with a simple and very effective solution, there is no longer a problem.

Needless to say, we have been communicating the updates and solution to our customers and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. The majority of customers waited patiently and reported the positive outcome. Some understandably still opted for the full refund option, but we really do not like unhappy customers, so we refunded them, but sent their preferred numbered gear knob back with the shim as a GIFT from us.

We have more available if you fancy the funkiest colour of gear knob with your favourite number on.

Check the product out HERE

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