Compomotive Wheels


Since 1973 Compomotive Wheels have successfully satisfied the demands of leading motorsport teams worldwide, producing a range of competition wheels conforming to the most stringent world testing standards.

Constant research, development & investment in the latest technology for all aspects of wheel production ensures the highest level of quality.

The family run company based in Wolverhampton, has steadily progressed in stature over the past three decades. The reliability & technical excellence of Compomotive motorsport wheels has contributed to drivers and teams winning more than 300 championships in recent years. This success has made compomotive a ‘must have’ brand accessory for driving enthusiasts for their street cars.

Such is the reputation of Compomotive that major car manufacturers consult the company to design and produce prototype wheels for new vehicles at the development & testing stage, to set future production standards. Using compomotive’s vast experience classic classic & modern bespoke wheels have been designed & manufactured to exacting specifications.

It is important to remember that all Compomotive motorsport wheels are designed & manufactured entirely to one uncompromising standard. This means that the wheels you buy are the exact same wheels that the professionals rely on to put down the power to win worldwide.

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