Cosworth FA20 – Available at Co-ordSport

Cosworth has engineered a series of unique Power Package upgrades for the FA20 engine platform that drives the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT-86. The result is what drivers have been waiting for: More power, consistently and reliably delivered.


Cosworth Power Packages offer
enthusiasts and motorsport professionals the ease and reliability of guaranteed power upgrades that only Cosworth’s legendary engineering team can deliver from over half a century of experience in elite motorsport and automotive engineering.


Developed using the same methods employed in Formula One and sports car racing, Cosworth has engineered cost-effective and scalable performance solutions that can take the FA20 engine’s
power output from the standard 197hp to a fully validated 280hp, supercharged configuration and beyond. Each successive Power Package
stage builds upon and utilizes components in the previous stage offering drivers an affordable path to upgrade their vehicles. Unlock the performance potential in your vehicle!


Strong Foundations Stage 1

Beginning with the entry level Stage 1.0, the Cosworth FA20 Power Package range enables performance-minded drivers to unlock the potential of their Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ or Toyota GT-86 confident in the knowledge that their vehicle will remain reliable.



Aimed at drivers who are looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade the drivability and overall performance of their car, the Stage 1.0 Power Package provides a Cosworth-engineered ECU calibration, high flow air filter and low-temperature thermostat, which deliver an uplift in torque
and top-end horse power.

For the more demanding driver, the Cosworth FA20 Power Package range includes three further options that enable you to tune your upgrade to match your budget. Built around a free flowing sports exhaust system developed in partnership with Nameless Performance, Stages 1.1 thro 1.3
provide a direct replacement catback, tuned mid pipe and thermal barrier coated exhaust manifold that deliver an increase of up to 36% mid-range power over the stock engine.


Building Higher Stage 2

Developed by Cosworth’s expert engineering team to produce power and torque capable of turning heads on the road and race track, the Stage 2 FA20 Power Package range delivers an increase of up to 80hp for the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86.



A fully validated system that combines intake manifold, intercooler and positive displacement supercharger to create a unique design, the Stage
2.0 FA20 Power Package delivers a consistent increase in engine performance. Engineered to the levels of excellence required by Cosworth’s global vehicle manufacturer customers, the Stage 2.0 FA20 Power Package provides excellent throttle response at low engine speeds and a sustained performance increase even in demanding race track conditions.

Easy to install and supplied with Cosworth engineered ECU calibrations for both the stock exhaust and the Cosworth freeflowing sports exhaust system, the Stage 2 FA20 Power Packages unleash the full potential of the FA20 engine platform to make your vehicle a joy to drive.




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