CSCC Co-ordSport Tin Tops series heads to Castle Combe!

Last weekend saw the amazing Castle Combe circuit become the latest track to host the CSCC Co-ordSport Tin Tops series.


Unfortunately for the teams and the drivers taking part last Saturday, the track was subjected to awful weather resulting in horrendous driving conditions. For one driver in particular, Jon Dee, driving his Red & White Honda Integra Type R DC2 no42, the weather played a larger part in his overall race than he anticipated.


Despite having a fantastic qualifying session, taking his first ever pole position, Jon’s problems started when he got to the grid. As you would imagine Jon was thrilled to be on pole, this unfortunately was short lived when without warning a cooling fan stopped working leading to the car’s engine overheating and in turn causing the car to go into “limp” mode!


Jon dashed into the pits to attempt to quickly fix the issue prior to the race starting, this meant he had lost his all-important pole position and would now start from the pit lane. A switch off and on-again technique was adopted and after watching all 40 cars go past, the green light was given. He calmly started the now cooling engine and took off for the real fun to begin.


After overtaking cars left & right and making his way up into an outstanding 6th place, Jon experienced a high-speed spin on the main straight. Heroically he managed to catch the car and was able to carry on but as he re-entered the track he positioned his car just a little too wide heading straight into Camp Corner, hitting a huge puddle and aquaplaning off the track into the wall.

This was a racing career first for Jon and unfortunately created quite a bit of damage to his car.

Jon’s full race can be seen via this link


It was a great drive and we wish Jon good luck with the new build


Well done to all the drivers and teams at Castle Combe last weekend, it really was another great CSCC Co-ordSport Tin Tops event.

1st Place – Tom MENSLEY, Renault Clio 172.

2nd Place – Eric BOULTON, Honda Civic 2000.

3rd Place – HUTCHINS / HUTCHINS, Honda Civic Type R


The full results from the race can be found here:

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