CUSCO BS86 wins two consecutive races in a row!

Eiji Yamada and Masafumi Hishii of CUSCO, with the Cusco BS86, win two consecutive races in a row.

The GR 86 / BRZ race was held at Tokachi Speedway (Hokkaido) for two days on July 29th and 30th. This tournament, which became the first double header in the series, was held on the 5th race on Saturday and the 6th race on Sunday and there was also a chance to win mass points, making it a very important round in the series.

From CUSCO RACING, Eiji Yamada played in the professional series, Masafumi Ryusei in the clubman series, and CUSCO were able to achieve excellent results such as winning two consecutive grand prix winning cars!

Professional series Eiji Yamada CUSCO BS 86 record

Fifth qualifier 5th place / Finals 3rd place 6th race Fifth count start → 5th place

Clubman series Masafumi Hishii players CUSCO BS 86 record

Fifth qualifier 4th place / Finals 3rd place 6th race Final 5th start → second place


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