Cusco Coilover Kits

Cusco ZERO3 CoiloverOur partners, Japanese tuning and suspension experts, Cusco, have launched a new facility on their website to help find the correct coilover kits for performance cars.

The coilover kit quick search allows customers to select the make, model and chassis code of the vehicle and see a list of the kits available, including specifications such as the ride height, spring rate and more. Prices are in Japanese Yen, so head on over to the Cusco page or contact us to get a price on Cusco parts in Pounds or Euro.

Cusco have a great range of coilover suspension kits for a growing range of Japanese performance cars, ranging from adjustable suspension at a reasonable price, to racing-spec kits with the ‘e-con’ electronically adjustable damping controller. Co-ordSport are the UK and EU distributor or Cusco performance parts, so get in touch to place orders.

Cusco have a guide to choosing a coilover kit, this information is useful as it shows you the key factors in choosing coilovers and an overview of their range.


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